3 Best Exceptional Batons for the Self defense: Reviews & Buying Guiden – [2021]

There were 1.2 million violent crimes report in the USA in just a year 2019 and in these crimes sex assault, rapes, and robberies were included. These stats are very shocking and everybody who reads it knows that it could happen to them at any time.

The police are trying to control it but you know that police cannot be everywhere and everybody needs to prepare himself/herself for this kind of situation. That is why there are many people moving towards learning self-defense techniques.

Now there are many people that are going to buy self-defense weapons and the first one that comes into mind is the batons. Yes, you heard it right, the ones that police carry to defend themselves.

We are going to review the top three batons in the market and then tell you which one is suitable for you to stay connected and start reading.


What is Baton?

Baton is a tool that is used for self-defense when someone is trying to attack you. It is made of a different materials. There are some batons that are made of wood while others are made of Aluminium and stainless steel. You can choose them according to your requirements.

There is a very popular design in the baton that is foldable. You have seen these types of batons carried by the cops when they are trying to control the mob. They are the latest one and also the most popular in the market and every person is now purchasing these for self-defense.

Why Baton for self-defense?

In our view, it is a simple way to protect yourself from the attacker. Yes, there are many other tools but there are many other cons of those tools and not everyone is allowed to carry them but a baton is more like a stick and everyone can carry it. The other important thing is that it is a much cheaper option.

There are many advantages and also disadvantages of the baton so, let’s discuss what are the advantages and what are the cons of the baton.


Easy to use

These are some of the most easy-to-use tools in the market for self-defense. Imagine if someone is trying to attack and you have a baton won’t it is the much easier option for you? Because it is more like a stick so, you can easily hit the attacker with it.


These batons are the most versatile tools in the market that you can use to avoid the attacker by hitting him, or locking him if you are a professional MMA player. There are many emergency situations where you can use it. If someone is forcing you to sit in his car or you are stuck in the room then breaking the windows and doors would be a very good tool.

Budget option

The batons are the most affordable options available in the market for self-defense because if we see other tools of self-defense then they are very expensive and also very hard to use but this baton is very simple to use and even a person without any training can use it effectively.

Normal damage

The batons are very effective when it comes to self-defense. They are a good tool to harm the attacker and break his bones but it is not that lethal that it would take the other person’s life like the gun or the knife. But when it comes to stopping the pervert from attacking they did a very good role.


When you are carrying the baton you don’t need a license or permit as you need for the guns and knives. They are mostly legal in many countries in the world and in some countries they are not even treated as self-defense tools so, if you are from that kind of country using this baton then the robbers or the jerk trying to attack you have a good surprise. Technically they are more suitable than the other tools that are used for self-defense but of course, there are some personal preferences.


There are some new designs of batons in the market that are foldable Those kinds of batons are more suitable for people because when you fold them they become very short that you can even attach them with your belt with the sheath.

It will hide and nobody can notice it but when some jerk tries to attack you take it out and charge him with your full power. I guarantee you that if you apply it properly he will never try to mess with anybody again in his whole life.


Non Lethal 

This is also an advantage and disadvantage of the baton because if you are a woman and someone is trying to attack you most probably chances are that he would be male then there are many chances that he will grab this baton from you. But if you have a gun then he would not even dare to come closer to you.

But if you have power then this baton can do wonders so, this disadvantage is for the less powerful person.

Train yourself

There is no doubt that this tool is a very easy one to use but if you need to use it effectively then you need to learn it. There are many techniques that do not involve power but only your speed and sharpness but that do not develop without any training so, training is a must for this tool.

Not a Wide Range

The baton is a stick of wood or any other hard material that you hit from your power but the problem is that it has a very small range like where your hands can reach if the attacker from some distance then you cannot hit him and your attacks will only be successful if the opposite person came closer to you.


As we said before, it is legal in most of the countries in the world but it is not legal in some states of the United States of America. It is not legal in California so, if you are planning to use it then makes sure to read your local laws.


1.  Hickory Stick2 Baton

Hickory Stick2 Baton

In my view, it is one of the very simple sticks to carry with you for your self-defense and as I am the lover of simplicity this is my permanent partner wherever I am going. This makes me confident that if some pervert tries to harm me then I will smash him with it.


  • Brand: Hardcore Hammers
  • Material: American Hickory
  • Color: Organic wood grain
  • Dimensions: 1.2 L x 1.5 W x 17.8 H inches
  • Weight: 0.62 lbs


If you are the lover of the simple thing which most people are then you need to get this baton for yourself this is the simplest and coolest stick in the whole market. It does not have any fancy features; it will protect you from the perverts.

This is a very lightweight baton and it won’t cause any fatigue to your home and especially if you are a woman you can use it easily if you know how to defend yourself with the baton. The design is very simple and does not have any fancy things that are why it is more lightweight than any other in the market.

It is one of the most affordable options on our list and everyone can afford it. The length of the baton is around 18 inches which is a very good length to smash the person trying to harm you.  There is a string attached to the end of the stick that helps you to carry it with you easily.

These sticks are the most reliable ones because they are made with Hickory which is very solid and will not break if you hit it with your full power on any object. That is why they are long-lasting and once you buy them they will be with you for years.

  • It is a very simple and solid baton
  • It is an affordable option
  • The length is around 18 inches perfect for defending yourself
  • It has a string that makes it easy to carry with you
  • The handle is not that good for the small hands like women


2.  Guard Dog Security Baton

Guard Dog Security Baton

This is another one of the best defensive weapons against the creep trying to harm you. This is a baton gun that has the power to stop the most powerful person. There are many chances that the attacker won’t even dare to attack you if he listens to this gun because it is very loud.


  • Brand: Guard Dog Security
  • Material: Type 3 Aluminum Alloy
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: 18.75 L x 1.45 W x 1.45 H inches
  • Weight: 1.1 lbs


This is not something that you would think of as a simple baton but it is a gun that has voltage to stop the person trying to harm you. It has 7.5 million volts of power that means it is a very good tool to beat the shit out of a creep and defend them.

The length of the baton is around 18.5 inches which are a very good length to stop anyone from the distant one more thing that I want to mention here is that this baton has a reach of 18.75 inches which means if the person trying to harm you is in the circle of 18 inches you can hit him/her with it.

The other good thing about this one is that it is not made with any kind of cheap material but it is made of the type 3 aircraft grade aluminum which means it is one of the most durable batons in the market.

This is not just the baton that you can hit the attacker and defend yourself but this is a flash that has the 260 lumens pure white that is more than enough to blind the one that is trying to attack you and also very good at the night to look in the darkness.

  • Baton made with the type three aluminum aircraft grade alloys
  • It is one of the toughest batons in the market
  • It has 260 lumens of white light to blind the attacker
  • It has a safety switch for children and accidental discharge
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • The flashlight does not last for a long time
  • The voltage is not a deterrent, just annoying.


3.  Cinlinso Outdoor Implement Baton

Cinlinso Outdoor Implement Baton

This is one of the fancy batons the same as the one that the police are carrying. They are foldable design so much easier to carry as compared to the other long batons in the market. You can hide it on the back of your belt or even on the side and when you need it you can take it out.


  • Brand: Cinlinso
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: 6.4 L x 4.4 W x 1.1 H inches
  • Weight: 2.4 Ounces


This is a very good professional baton that is used by the police to control the mob or other criminals. This is one of the coolest batons out there the total length of the baton is around 26 inches when you open it fully and this is a good length this would be enough length to stop the person who is attacking.

This foldable design is very easy to carry with you now you don’t need to get the batons that are very long but take this with you and when you need it open it and use it. There are some sheaths of this baton that help you to attach it with the belt horizontally or vertically.

The material of the baton is very important because if the baton is not durable then your money and time both are wasted. But this baton is made of stainless steel which is very tough and also durable and once you hit it on someone with the power he will never forget it.

The handle of the baton is a very important part because that is where you will grab it by hitting someone who is going to attack you and if your grip is lost then you will miss it by miles and might also harm yourself but this is not the case with this baton. It has an anti-skid handle that allows you firmly hold it in your hands if they are sweaty.

  • It is made of high-quality titanium steel material
  • It is very tough and last for a long time
  • A foldable design is very easy to carry and use.
  • Non-skid handle for a firm grip.
  • It comes with a waist bag
  • This one is a bit heavier than others in the market.


Buying Guide

These are the some most famous batons in the market that we bring for you. If you want to protect yourself from the goons then you should carry this with you. They are very tough and easy to use. If you are reading this article from the start then there are many chances that you would be planning to buy any of them.

But wait this is not the thing you need to consider some things to select the best baton for yourself because if you don’t consider these things then there would be a problem. We are here to discuss those important things that everyone should consider before buying the baton for themselves.


The first and the most important thing to look at when you are shopping is your budget. How many bucks do you have in your pockets that you want to spend on the baton because there are many budget options available in the batons too?

If you don’t have a good budget to spend on the baton then there are many budget batons in the market that are not fancy and have all basic features and are also very effective for you.

But if you have the budget to spend on the baton then go for it. There are foldable designs and also some have the voltage and light to blind the attacker. If you have money then you can buy the batons with these features.


The weight of the baton is also a very important thing to consider before buying it because the baton needs to be very lightweight so that when you hold it for self-defense you can easily use it.

There are many batons that are lightweight but not very fancy and there are also some that have many features like the voltage, flashlight and many more things but they are heavy so, when you are buying for yourself you need to know what are your requirement?.

If you can handle the heavy batons then go with it and if not then go with the ones that are lightweight so, the choice is yours.


Material is also very important for the batons. There are many materials used in the batons. The first and basic type of batons are the ones that are made of wood and the other ones are that are made of stainless steel and they are better and more durable than the wood batons.

The third and the last ones are the type 3 aluminum grade that is the most durable and tough options here, so they have a better impact on the object you are targeting than the other two types of batons.

We have covered all three types of batons in our list so, you can select the one that suits your requirements.


Nowadays there are many new designs of the batons coming into the market and the most popular one is the foldable design that we see in the hands of the cops when they need to control the mob.

Those are the easiest to carry batons in the market because one thing they fold and become very short then their original size and the other thing is that there is a sheath that comes with them.

You can attach that sheath with your belt and then put the baton in it. This solves the problem of carrying it from one place to the other place.


The handle is the thing from where you hold the baton and these things are the most important for a good baton because when you are going to hold the baton to defend yourself and the handle is slippery then you can’t defend yourself.

In that case, your money and time will be wasted and the creep will also harm you so, select the baton that has a non-skid handle that won’t slip when your hands are wet with sweat and we have included that kind of baton in our list.


These are the top three batons that can be used to defend yourself and some things that you should consider before buying the baton. If you are reading the whole article and then reached here then now you know everything about the baton and now you are going to buy it.

But all three batons are very good and if you are confused about which one you should buy then don’t be confused. We have a solution for you. We will recommend to you the top best product that you should buy and that product is Guard Dog, Security Baton. 

It has a good voltage of power and a white flashlight for you that might also help you to defend yourself from the attack and it is also in your budget. So, you should try to buy it for sure and if you are planning to buy it then buy from our affiliate link in return we receive a small amount of commission and you don’t have to pay anything.

Thank you.


Are batons good for self defense?
There is a common perception that the most useful things for self-defense are knives and guns but when we look closely into it then the most useful is the baton because it is very easy to use and if you have the power you can use it without any special training.
Can you legally carry a collapsible baton?
Yes, in most countries of the world carrying the baton is legal and some don’t even have any laws about the baton but in the state of California, United States of America it is illegal to carry the baton. So, you should check your country or state before purchasing this baton.
Can Baton break bones?
The batons are made of very high-quality material like stainless steel, type 3 aluminum. They are very hard and durable and if you use them properly with the force then you can break the bones of the creep trying to attack you. The lowest material of the batons is capable of breaking the bones of your opponent if you use it with power and mind.
Are batons worth it?
Yes, they are worth it because the cost of the batons is way less than the knives and the guns and if we see their capability so, if they are not better than the gun and knives then at least equally useful. But one thing in which they are very good is their use is very easy and you don’t have to enroll in any training to use it.
Is Baton a weapon?
Yes, it is a weapon that is used by the security forces to defend themselves. There are two other names of the baton truncheon and nightstick and usually, it is made of three materials that are rubber, plastic, and wood. This is not a very deadly weapon but still, it can cause severe injuries.

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