Top Best Martial Arts for Your Kid – Basic Guide

Your kids watch martial arts movies and want to learn martial arts, but you are not sure that it would be beneficial or not? Different studies show that kids who know martial arts are more active, focused, confident, and more determined to their goals than typical kids. And in this online world where most kids are playing online games and making their physique worse, your child moves toward a healthy life through martial arts.

Now you might be thinking that there are many martial arts kinds which one is the best for my child?

It would be a very personal decision that can vary from child to child. As a parent, you have to observe the child that which type would be suitable for him, but we”ll walk you through some martial arts kinds and their benefits.


The first thing which a parent would think of is “Taekwondo.” It is the most popular type of martial arts. The kid learns self-defense through kicks, punches and becomes more flexible and strong.

Taekwondo is one of the best martial arts types for kids because it’s broken into small steps, and we trainers call it to challenge and support.

Taekwondo is also an Olympic sport so that the child can pursue it in the future and become a professional athlete.

Taekwondo is a very competitive sport. If your child’s nature is very competitive, then this sport is definitely for him/her.

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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or “gentle art” is also a prevalent kind of martial arts for kids. It teaches children self-defense through grappling and submission techniques.

The thing which makes it suitable for your children is that it does not require a Good physique to compete with significant competitors.

By learning this type of martial arts, you will have the option to utilize your rivals’ energy and power against them.

Most Brazilian jiu-jitsu is fighting on the ground, and make sure that your opponent submits through submissive techniques.

Suppose your kid is a bit shy, skinny, and weak, and you are worried that he will be in danger and can’t protect himself/herself. In that case, Brazilian jiu-jitsu is the best option for your kid because he will learn self-defense techniques to compete with a competitor double his age and size.


It is the most learned kinds of martial arts. Every kid wants to learn Karate after watching the movie” The karate kid.”

Learning Karate is a fun activity in which the kids also learn fighting, self-control, and concentration. The research shows that the kids who know Karate are the calmest students.

Karate is very beneficial for cardiovascular health and the most important for mental health. Karate learning makes a kid flexible and prevents chronic health problems.

If your kid is always angry and aggressive, then definitely Karate is the best for your child. Different studies show that children suffering from attention deficit (ADD) or Attention deficit hyperactive order (ADHD) are more focused and concentrated after learning Karate.

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judo is also one of the best martial art types, and millions of people practiced it. The Olympic games in 1964 make it popular. Judo dates as far back as 1882 and begins from the Japanese medieval battling framework.

Judo isn’t just about the tosses; it’s also about ground hooking, gaining power on holds, arm locks, leg locks, and some gagging moves even, even though Judo is most notable for its stunning toss moves. Taken from the grappler’s point of view, Judo shows all regions of self-protection.

If you want the child to learn striking and throws, this is the best martial art type for you. Judo will also help him learning time management and living a balanced life.

Kung Fu

I think it’s pretty hard to find a person who doesn’t know about kungfu. It is one of the most ancient self-defense techniques, and the monks created it for self-defense against bandits and robbers in china. There are many branches of kung fu for handwork, sports fighting, and animal moves.

It allows users to communicate elevated level Adaptation Policies (APs) that depict how to change hyper-and framework boundaries during practice.

It is most probably for the body’s upper side to improve your child’s ability to kick.

If you want your child to be more focused,self-esteemed, and mentally relaxed then this is best for you.

Muay Thai

It is one of the ancient forms of fighting, and it is the national sport of Thailand. The people have a very wrong perspective about Muay Thai that this is not for the kids, but this is the safe and perfect fitness training as any other type of martial arts.

It instructs them to buckle down to accomplish their objectives, similarly as our grown-up contenders need to do when getting ready for a battle. It shows them that occasionally when they’re worn out and want to stop, they can burrow somewhat more profound to locate some extra from someplace to permit them to continue to run after progress.

If your child is very lazy and wants him to be very active and fresh then this type of martial arts is best for you. It teaches the child to be disciplined and respect their body.

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Most people think that wrestling is a very dangerous type of martial arts that will harm their children, but wrestling involves mindful techniques to knock down the opposite person.

It includes tacklings, locks pins, and takedowns, making it more attractive for the kids and parents. It is also Olympic level support so the child can pursue it further as a career choice.

If you want, your child will gain immense strength focus, and mindfulness techniques, then this is for you.


As I said earlier, there is no best martial art, but it depends on you and your kid that which one you want, and that goes with your child’s nature.

So, observe your child thoroughly and try to find which one is best for you or take help from a martial art training instructor.

Choose the right martial arts school for your children’s Parent guide.

There are many things that should be considered while looking for the best martial arts schools for your child because your child has to spend time there to learn so you should know that there are any learning conditions.

Know About: 

Instructure’s Attitude

The first thing that impacts your child is the instructor’s attitude or the way of teaching how he treats the whole class. Most of the instructors knew how they have to teach the students, but sadly, some make the reputation terrible.

You should closely monitor how the staff will talk to your child are they polite and firm or are yelling all the time. Did they have reasonable control over the rest of the class?

Does the instructor know how to correct the mistakes positively or is using punishments for that?

If yes,

Then it will reduce the child’s interest in martial arts. A good instructor knows how to pull the child into the learning process and the child enjoys it.

Background checks

Another important thing is that you should check the past of the all staff ad instructors who are they? Where are they from?

Are any of them involves in criminal activities in the past or present?

It would be best to investigate these things because your child has to spend time with them; it is your responsibility to know.

Appropriate touch policy

Another essential thing to look at when trying to find the best martial arts schools is that the school should draw a touch policy of how the instructor would touch while teaching. Good schools have open touch policy that the teacher would not touch the students until it’s impossible for them to teach then they can only touch hands, arms, feet, and knees.


Another thing that matters when looking for a martial arts school is cleanliness look at the washrooms are they clean or not? How often would they clean the mats because it is directly related to your child’s health?

The mats should be clean twice a week to be 100% disinfected from the germs, so the students don’t get any fungus while training. You have to make sure that the school provides clean facilities.

Communication with parents

The fifth thing that you want to look at is how the school communicates with you. When there is some issue about your child’s learning process or any other matter regarding your child, can they communicate professionally or not?

Good schools have an open communication policy that they communicate with the parents after every month or class, but they have a clear communication policy.

Pricing and policy

It is the most important thing to consider when looking for your children’s best martial arts school. Most of the school use monthly charges method, but some include extra charges which may be hidden.

When your child didn’t like the environment or because of some other commitments you want to leave the school, but then they have a contract which you have signed at the time of admissions, or they have a massive amount as cancellation charges which makes it frustrated for you so make sure that you look at the pricing and policies of the school first.

These are the most important things you should look for before selecting the best martial arts schools for your kids.


Is Karate good for kids?
Yes, 100% Karate learning is a very healthy activity for children. They learn self-control and discipline from it. The children who learn Karate knew how to be calm in the worst conditions.
Which is the best self-defence martial art for beginners?
The best self-defense martial art is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. It teaches self-defense through grappling and submission techniques. You don’t need a good physique for learning this from martial arts.
What are the benefits of martial arts for teenagers?
There are many benefits, but it boosts teenagers’ self-esteem and makes them confident about their physique. They learn to live a focused and balanced life.
how much do Brazilian jiu-jitsu classes cost for kids?
Brazilian jiu-jitsu is not cheap to learn; it will cost around 200 to 250$ a month. But that will pay off with the self-development and confidence you get through this training.

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