Top 10 Best Muay Thai Shorts – Our Top Picks

Muay Thai is the Thai version of boxing. In this time of fear and oppression, people are widely interested in the sports like MMA and muay Thai because it teaches ordinary people self-defense techniques. All body parts are involved in Thai muay training and give a person power and flexibility.

So, training of muay Thai is essential, but there are some other things that a person is needed for the training, and today we are discussing the shorts which an athlete can wear in the training sessions.

Most of you might be thinking that what’s essential in the shorts that we have to discuss it but as a former trainer of the muay Thai we know that the shorts are directly related to your performance so, we have gathered ten best shorts which athlete will love during training sessions and here are the review of them.

1.  Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Shorts.

Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Shorts Whenever we talk about MMA equipment, the one brand that comes in our mind is Fairtex. Fairtex is dominating the industry with its high-quality equipment, including shorts.

We have recommended this brand to many athletes and never received a single complaint about the bad experience.

If you are a retro lover, then you’ll love these shorts. The shorts have more than 24 colors and designs which means there something for everyone in it.

The other thing about the shorts is that they are made of a material that is not suitable for your skin and causes rashes, but this short is made of satin material which allows you to focus on your game instead of irritation.

The shorts are very durable and give you a perfect elastic fit. The elastic allows your shorts to stick with your waist so, you stick with your top-level of performance.

  • Comfortable material
  • More than 20 different designs and colors
  • Elastic waistband
  • It enhances your style game.
  • Lightweight
  • The perfect fit allows your legs to move freely.
  • Machine and hand washable
  • It is very baggy and loose
  • Buy from the trusted seller’s others may not have the original product.


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2.  Twins Special Muay Thai.

Twins Special Muay Thai.If you are an athlete who cares about your look and style in the game, it is also suitable. More than 22 colors and designs in these muay Thai shorts will match everyone’s fashion sense.

This short is made with polyester satin, which is the most comfortable material in shorts and allows you to train freely without irritation.

Some specific designs are perfectly fit according to your waist size. The short’s design is unisex, which means the girls and boys can both use the shorts.

Two brands dominate the industry of Thai muay equipment first is the Fairtex, and the other is Twins. They both are providing high-quality premium products to athletes and other ordinary people.

  • High-quality and premium level product
  • Well reputed brand
  • It is made of polyester satin, which makes it very comfortable.
  • It is for both men and women.
  • Different colors and designs are available.
  • Durable and lightweight
  • It might be too small for the bulky athletes
  • Don’t wash these shorts in the machine because they fell apart after two to three machine washes.


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3.  Anthem Athletics Infinity.

Anthem Athletics Infinity The brand is not so old; it was launched in 2016, but it has secured its place in the market in no time. And they are improving the quality of their shorts day by day to provide 100% satisfaction to their customers.

They are also providing one of the best quality shorts made with ultra high-grade quality, and they will not tear like any other shorts in the market in the hardcore training sessions of muay Thai.

The shorts’ size is also perfect due to their size chart you can select the size according to your measurements so, no more small or extra baggy shorts.

The brand knows in today’s age everyone is concerned about its look so, they are providing the shorts in many colors and designs you can choose which suits your personality.

This brand’s shorts are comparatively lower priced than the others in the market, but the quality is the same as the top-notch brands. They have extra-ordinary customer service available for you 24/7. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it and get your money back in 30 days.

  • High-grade material
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Tear-resistant
  • Lower in price
  • Fulfills USA standards of manufacturing
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Legs are a bit loose
  • The material would not absorb sweat.


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4.  Venum Muay Thai Shorts.

Venum Muay Thai Shorts.The Venum muay Thai boxer’s prints and designs will attract any fighter because their designs are made after an intense thought process.

They have used the satin material, which is the most comfortable material in sports wears. They have put a solid waistband that makes sure that your shorts didn’t slip during your training sessions.

Some people face the issues that the legs are very tight so, they can’t comfortably move around, but the Venum shorts are not too loose nor too tight gives the athlete comfortable mobility.

The most important thing that makes the short premium and more attractive that the logos and designs on the shorts are hand-made by the skilled worker in Thailand.

The people will not find a problem finding their size because they have six sizes in their shorts, and the elastic waistband also adjusts according to the person’s waist.

  • Attractive designs
  • Handmade logos and embroideries on the shorts
  • It is available in many colors
  • Lightweight
  • It is made with the satin material
  • 100% comfort guaranteed
  • Six sizes of shorts for everyone
  • Unrestricted mobility
  • It will last with you for a long-time
  • Some customers complain that the size was too small.


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5.  Tuff Boxing Sport Muay Thai Shorts.

Tuff Boxing Sport Muay Thai Shorts.If you like to wear creative designs that are too much funky and have a thought process behind them or inspired by Thai or Japanese designs, you’ll love this shot.

The short is designed for the athletes of MMA and its all forms. The fabric used in the manufacturing of the products is high quality and comfortable. You’ll not feel the shorts because it is very lightweight.

In hard training of the MMA, the sweat is the expected partner so, this short fabric is designed to absorb the sweat and dry quickly so, you can put your 100% effort into training sessions.

There are more than 25 colors in the shorts, and many design options with the perfect fitting make this Tuff Boxing Sport Muay Thai Shorts athlete first choice.


It is advised to wash these shorts with your hands if you want them to wear them for a long time.

  • Handmade premium quality
  • Inspired by Japanese and Thai designs
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • More than 25 colors to choose from
  • Five sizes available
  • Sweat-resistant fabric
  • Unisex
  • It is designed to wear in hardcore training like mix martial arts.
  • You can’t wash these shorts in the washing machine


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6.  FTEIF Men’s Muay Thai Boxing Shorts.

FTEIF Men's Muay Thai Boxing Shorts. I don’t know about you, but as a former athlete of the muay Thai, I love to wear fabric that can be stretched. They are very comfortable and lightweight; you didn’t get irritated in these shorts. If you are fond of stretched material like me, then this short is for you.

They don’t have too many color options like other competitors because they focus on quality. They have only two primary colors, black, and grey. They have six sizes from which you can choose according to your fit.

You can wear these shorts in any form of MMA like BJJ, taekwondo, or any other’s training; it will bear you all hard training sessions. Not only this, if you are having any trouble with their product, then you can message their 24/7premium level customer support, and they’ll solve your problems.

  • It is made of stretched fabric.
  • Print pattern design
  • Very lightweight
  • It is available in only two colors, black, and grey.
  • Six sizes to fit everyone’s body type
  • It is perfect for muay Thai, BJJ, and other MMA forms.
  • No color fade after many washes
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Not so many colors and designs options


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7.  SOTF Muay Thai Fight Shorts.

SOTF Muay Thai Fight Shorts.It is another very funky and creatively designed pair of shorts for the muay Thai athletes. They are available in five different colors. The pattern of the shorts is beautiful, and there’s a whole philosophy behind it.

The shorts are stitched by the professional, and it is guaranteed that they will not tear in the hard training sessions of muay Thai and other MMA forms. You can also wear these in your gym; these shorts will lift your fashion game.

Five sizes will perfectly fit; it doesn’t matter if you are a bulky athlete or slim and smart. The elastic waist will make sure that your shorts will not fall. And you can wash this short with a machine easily, and the color will not fade.

The brand’s customer support is also superior level; if you face any issue with your product, you can contact them, and they’ll make sure that your issue will be solved.

  • It is made of high-quality fabric.
  • The perfect shorts for sports activities
  • Five sizes available
  • Creative embroidery pattern designs
  • Lightweight
  • Five color options
  • Professional stitch the pants so, won’t tear away.
  • The colors are strong and won’t fade away even after many washes.
  • Superior level customer support
  • Not durable for hard training sessions


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8.  Top King Boxing Muay Thai Shorts.

Top King Boxing Muay Thai Shorts.If we ask former trainers or athletes about the best shorts, they always recommend the satin fabric shorts because they are more durable and comfortable than the other shorts in the market.

The shorts are made up of high-quality polyester satin fabric, and the waist is made of elastic which can be easily adjusted according to your waist size. The shorts are perfect if you train muay Thai, BJJ, and other MMA forms and won’t tear away with the time.

If you like the retro design or standard designs, then the Top King boxing shorts are perfect for you because they have both design options in their collection.

There are six different sizes so; everyone can enjoy premium quality shorts and comfort. There are many colors and design options in these shorts. Top King is a Thai brand that provides high-quality shorts to its customers worldwide.

  • It is made of the 100% polyester
  • Six different sizes available
  • Many color options to choose from
  • Elastic adjustable waist
  • High-quality stitching
  • Retro and regular both designs available
  • It is perfect for the athletes of muay Thai, BJJ, and other MMA forms
  • 24/7 customer support system
  • Sizes may differ


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9.  Hayabusa shorts.

Hayabusa shorts.The Hayabusa shorts are specially made for kickboxing, but we can use these shorts in every other form of the mix martial arts due to their similarities. The Hayabusa shorts have a traditional design that every muay Thai athlete will love.

The extremely lightweight shorts that you won’t feel that you are wearing. The shorts are incredibly comfortable and won’t cause irritation to your skin like other shorts, and you can focus on your training.

The short has a hybrid waistband that makes sure that your shorts will stick to the place where you want them to be. There many color options that allow you to express your fashion sense through your shorts.

As these shorts are designed for the kickboxing, it has a vast space in your thighs, allowing you to train hard in these sessions. It is an international brand which is specialized in fighting equipment like shorts etc.

  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • It is made with the abrasion-resistant material
  • Durable
  • Perfect for muay Thai, kickboxing, and other forms of MMA.
  • Well reputed brand
  • A hybrid waistband gives you the perfect fit
  • Available in four primary colors
  • You can wash the shorts with the machine.
  • Perfect for high-kick boxing.
  • Expensive


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10.  Elite Sports shorts.

Elite Sports shorts.It is very simple and basic design shorts. The whole short is black, and only the waistband and the logo on the short are colored. The Elite sports shorts are made of very premium quality material, which gives you comfort in the training sessions of every sport you are playing.

The adjustable fit band is specially designed for the athletes to concentrate on their performance instead of their shorts. The shorts are incredibly lightweight and resistant to sweat. It also protects you from the bacteria that can cause the allergy and divert your focus from the game to other things.

There are many sizes available from the 30 to 38 so, you can choose according to your choice without any complications. The brand also cares about their customers, so; they have compiled their size guidelines to take help from that before selecting the short.

  • It is made with the high-quality microfiber fabric
  • Cool and sweat resistant
  • Size guide for your help
  • The sizes from 30 to 38 are available.
  • Lightweight
  • Long-lasting
  • It is suitable for all forms of MMA like BJJ, muay Thai, and others like them
  • Premium level support
  • Stitching is not that good


Buying Guide

These are the top-notch shorts that an athlete can wear in the training sessions of muay Thai, but you might be thinking what are the things that a person should consider before buying the shorts, so let’s discuss those things.


Nowadays, everyone tries hard to look his best, so you should always consider the design before buying the shorts if you are one of those persons. There are many designs of shorts in the markets. Let’s go through a brief tour into different designs of shorts which are common in the market.

Traditional designs

If you love the 90’s designs, then you would love these kinds of designs. The shorts with the traditional design are a little baggy and vast in width. They are not tight as other modern shorts.

In traditional shorts, you’ll find the muay Thai written in the Thai language that will increase its attractiveness. There are many fun colors and designs are available in the traditional.

Narrow cut

Another standard design of the shorts is narrow cut designs that people who love the modern clothing sense will find very attractive.

This design’s overall look is the same as the traditional ones, but the only difference is that the shorts are tight from the thighs, making it perfect for modern boys.

We’ll advise that the people with bulky thighs don’t wear these shorts, but if you are a slim person, they will be perfect for you.

Retro cut

It is also a trendy design of shorts that women mostly use, but that does not mean that only women can use these shorts. If you have big bulky thighs and want to show off, this one is a good option.

There is a piece of fabric on both sides of the shorts, which is not compulsory, but most of the brands put this fabric on the sides to enhance the shorts’ style.

Modern cut

The modern cut shots are designed from modern clothing; that’s why the shorts are a perfect fit around your thighs than the other shorts in the market.

These designs look more than the modern fashion sense, and the boys joining the muay Thai would love to wear these types of shorts.


The next important thing that a person should look at before buying the shorts is material. Because the material determines that if your shorts will be comfortable or not?. These are some material options available in the market for shorts.

Satin fabric

When you are buying the shorts for muay Thai, you’ll see that most shorts are using this material. It is the softest and comfortable option in shorts. It is very lightweight and also has a very bright and attractive look. The surface of the satin makes it shiny and gorgeous.


If you are looking for the lightest shorts so, make sure that you choose the nylon made shorts because these are mostly low-cost material so, if you choose the nylon made shorts then there will be two benefits one is that you feel like you are wearing nothing and the other thing is that it would be very light for your pocket too.

Sublimation print

It is another design that is very common in shorts. In some traditional shorts, the pattern is made with embroideries. But in sublimation, the images and text are printed on your shorts, making them very elegant and attractive.


Size is also significant in buying the shorts for the muay Thai because if you don’t have a perfect size, it will irritate you during your training sessions, and you can’t focus on the Thai muay training. Thus, most of the brands have different size charts or size guards that a person can use for measuring the perfect fit size of your short.


Durability is also significant in the shorts buying process because you have to go through hardcore training sessions to enhance your performance. For that, you need a very durable short that can be your partner for a long time.

Most of the shorts included in our list are very durable and will last with you for the most extended period.


These are the top-notch shorts in the market that you can wear in the training of muay Thai. And we have told you all the essential things that a person should consider before buying the shorts. If you reach here, you are now able to buy the best top-notch shorts for yourself, but you are waiting for our recommendations.

So, we’ll recommend the Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Shorts for you because they are the most comfortable and lightweight shorts on our list and you’ll not feel irritated after wearing these shorts. The most important thing is that the brand is very well reputed so, in case there is some problem with the product you can contact their 24/7 support which will solve your issue.


What is the best Muay Thai brand?
Two most popular brands dominate the industry of muay Thai by making high-quality premium products. Those two brands are Fairtex and Twins. They are the international brands in mind whenever we want to buy equipment for muay Thai or MMA. There are many other brands that we have covered all essential brands in our list.
Are Muay Thai Shorts unisex?
Most of the brands in Muay Thai’s industry made shorts that can be worn by both males and females both and they have to choose according to their sizes. But some brands made the shorts, especially for the ladies, and according to their choices and the same goes for the men, so not all shorts are for both.
Are boxing and Muay Thai gloves the same?
No, boxing and muay Thai gloves are not the same. The muay Thai is the Thai version of boxing; that’s why people think they are the same, but the gloves used in both sports are very different. If you are not a professional athlete, you can choose boxing gloves that will work for you, but boxing gloves are not suitable for professionals.
Are Muay Thai shorts comfortable?
Yes, muay Thai shorts are comfortable because if the shorts are not comfortable, it will directly affect your performance. Most shorts are made with satin material, which is very comfortable and lightweight and suits the muay Thai athletes. Other materials of comfortable shorts are nylon. So, choose between these two materials when you are choosing the shorts.
Are Hayabusa gloves suitable for Muay Thai?
Yes, Hayabusa gloves are perfect for the muay Thai because Hayabusa is the brand that provides high-quality equipment for MMA and all other forms of MMA. As the former trainers and athletes of the muay Thai, the Hayabusa gloves have all those things needed in the muay Thai so; it is perfect. If we look at the best brand for the muay Thai gloves, Hayabusa stands third on the list, which backs our recommendation.


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