[Top 8] Best BJJ Rash Guard for Women (2021 Reviews)

Rash guards are known to have multiple uses. They keep you safe from muscle injuries, bruises from mats, and frictions are also reduced with their use, the infection can be reduced and on top of all this, they look amazing. From a women’s perspective, they have additional importance.  They keep you reliably covered which’s a little difficult with the regular shirt.

To keep yourself informed with all benefits of rash Guard and the top 8 exceptional quality Rash Guard for women you must keep reading. With the increasing trend in BJJ training and other martial arts forms, women all over the world are putting a lot of thought into how they can feel safer during training and look great in the process.

Rash guards are the answer. These rash Guard sometimes cost a lot so it is very likely that you won’t know how you can make the right choice that is suitable for them and provides them great solid quality at a reasonable price as well.

BEST Rash Guard for women

Here we are going to give you all information about the top 8 rash guards that are great at functionality, durability, and affordability.

1.  Women’s premium BJJ Long sleeves Rash guards by pressure grappling

Women’s premium BJJ Long sleeves Rash guards by pressure grapplingThis premium BJJ rash Guard from pressure grappling is our first pick. Well, they deserve the 1st spot in our list. The reason is they have 9 different design you can choose from and each design is outstanding.

If you see from price point they are little above average but than they provide the best looking design in the market that have such a class quality. In today’s world you certainly get what you paid for because of the competition in the market at extreme so good manufacturers delivers the best quality possible and charge you properly for it

If you can see the stretch in the fabric you will know what exactly you are paying for. It has a silicon band that’s going to help the shirt to stay at its place and not roll up. Graphics on these BJJ rash Guard are pretty great and you don’t have to think twice as no colour is going to face or nothing will peel off.

  • Perfect fit
  • Great design and colors
  • Extremely stretchable
  • Little Costly


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2.  Sicchic women’s spat BJJ fighting grappling compressions

Sicchic women’s spat BJJ fighting grappling compressionsIf you want to have multiple colours and design option you can buy thesesicchic BJJ rash Guard.  They provide seven different designs with six size options and additional great thing is 14 days money back guarantee offer.  This means from so many options you will definitely be able to choose the design and size you like.

Sicchic focuses their attention on mostly making fighting gears for women that shows from their overall branding. They have introduced the special form fit that means they create rash Guard that feels like second skin with extreme confirm and stretch. There is no need of extra silicon band.

They are IBJJF approved and one of the most durable rash Guard as you need one when the competition is at its peak. They provide flat lock stitching.  They lack anti microbial layer but this issue can be resolved with proper washing and drying of the product. They are on the costlier side but the company has certainly justified the price with quality and durability. Plus another great thing is that certain percentage of their profits goes to charity so they are involved in doing greater good as well

  • Great quality and durability
  • Excellent skin like feel on the fit
  • The percentage goes to Charity
  • Lacks microbial layer
  • Costly


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3.  Raven Fight wear – lava Dragon rash Guard

Raven Fight wear – lava Dragon rash GuardSince 2013 when the raven fight wear came into being they gained immediate popularity as their designs were extremely unique and intricate and their quality was unparalleled. If you want to wear a design that has extreme depth and totally represents the soul of moral arts this is the Rash Guard for you.

Their unique design is their trademark which every martial art lover adores. If you think they only have a great design then you will certainly be surprised by the utmost functionality they provide. Durability is ensured by extra flat lock stitching and it’s going to give you a look that everyone’s going to remember. Additionally, it has approval if IBJJF so you can easily out it on and fight any high-level competition.

It lacks an anti-microbial layer but raven explained the reason THAT it is irritating for some users. But you can keep your rash Guard washed and dried for best results. It will for sure prevent you from bacteria and microbes.

This rash guard with such extreme quality and design is going to last you for long period of time and raven company give 180 days of trial period that is great for showing the confidence in the brand quality. If it gets damaged due to manufacturing issues you get the new rash Guard with no cost.

  • Sublime design
  • Great quality
  • 180 days money back warranty
  • No microbial lining
  • Little costly


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4.  Sanbul Funk compression Training Rash Guard

Sanbul Funk compression Training Rash Guard.Sanbul is great manufacturers of rash Guard who fulfil each and every requirement of your like protection, coverage and keeping you germ-free.

If you like a basic black design with alternating sleeves this is the Rash Guard for you.  It provides a classic design that attracts a lot of people who like this style statement. It has IBJJF certification you can wear this to any high-level competition.

These rash Guard are no ordinary ones. They are endorsed by the biggest names in the combat sports industry. So you rest assured that you are getting the most trusted products that legends of the game themself used and at such a reasonable price.

Its design is with antimicrobial efficient technology that keeps you protected safe from any antibacterial infections and it has moisture wrenching material that keeps you dry.

If you look at its performance, when you are training and fighting it doesn’t restrict your moment and provides muscle compression. That provides cooling effect to the body even when training hard and keep you properly ventilated.

  • Classic design
  • Sanabul essential Rashguard promoted by legends of the game
  • Complete UV and germ protection
  • Great performance
  • Expensive


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5.  Wolf code fight wear women Rashguard for BJJ

Wolf code fight wear women Rashguard for BJJThis is one great performing rash Guard that provides you comfort, durability and design.  It aces in all three departments.

It’s manufacturing includes 14% spandex that makes it’s immensely stretchable that it support a very move you make in your fight and training. It provides you tight fitting and help keeps yourblood flowing

Its graphics are impactful and wolf’s face is just breath-taking. This rash Guard is greatly used in every sport like wrestling, boxing, training etc.

The compression material is a performance booster and keeps your body temperature regulated and is very breathable. Its inner liking keeps you dry for long. The only issue is its small size is very small so you must order a size one plus yours.

  • Great design
  • Durable material
  • Antimicrobial properties that keep you dry and germ-free
  • Size issues


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6.  Gold BJJ Jiu-jitsu rash Guard

Gold BJJ Jiu-jitsu rash GuardIf your goal is to get into the professional fighting arena and you want a gear that’s durable, keeps your performance booster, ultra-lightweight with breathable fabric than Gold BJJ is the one rash Guard for you

It keeps your body temperature regulated and its inner layer help you stay dry. And if you talk about printing it’s amazing to look as well. It’s basic black or white colour with logo on it and graphics on sleeves just give it the desired tempting look

It’s stitching is very intricate with FLAT Locksystem that don’t let the cloth shred even when training hard and keep it together.  It stays on skin and doesn’t roll up.

BJJ gold rash Guard is the company owned by former BJJ athletes so their main goal is to focus on making a product that Jiujitsu community adores and loves to use . So it has all the good things a rash Guard should have.

  • Great quality
  • Awesome design
  • Flatlock stitching
  • Moisture absorbing material
  • Little costly


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7.  Raven Fight wear women’s sakura rash Guard

Raven Fight wear women’s sakura rash GuardYou want a rash Guard that is long-lasting and will stay with you for good amount of time raven Fight wear is your best option. You get a very classic body and the sleeves are of great design. The graphics are very impactful.

It has a rubber lining at the waist that keeps it from rolling up and keeps it attached to the skin. It gives you additional comfort in your performance and you stay focused on your training

Its stitching is flatlock that doesn’t budge and keeps its shape and quality for a longer period of time. The material used is very lightweight and breathable and keeps your temperature regulated. It’s a very comfortable rash Guard that looks apart from others.

It is a high performing rash Guard and its stretching is four way that can allow your 100% movement and doesn’t restrict you at all

  • Unique design
  • Good quality
  • No antimicrobial layer


8.  FightXHigh Performance Compression Rashguards

FightXHigh Performance Compression RashguardsThis is another example of a great Rash Guard that we can suggest you is of great quality, durability and design. It comes in great many colours that women love to choose from

It’s not only attractive in design it works really well. It’s 20% spandex is just awesome. You get great fitting plus stretch that doesn’t limit your range in any way. You train without worrying that it will roll up exposing your skin that will be harmful anyways. It has UPF 50+ that keeps you protected from Sun even with long time exposure

It is used for multi purposes. It stands out as style statement as well as used in different sport like wrestling and boxing surfing, grappling and rafting.

  • Multi counted options available
  • Great quality
  • Multi-purpose use
  • Expensive

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Deciding which women’s BJJ rash guard to buy requires research, money, and time.

We hope this guide was able to help lessen your confusion in shopping and purchasing the best rash guard for you.

Remember that choosing the right one will not only provide you with the benefits we mentioned above but will also make your BJJ training even more fun and enjoyable.


Do Rash Guards Need to be IBJJF Approved?
Absolutely. It should come as no surprise that the IBJJF is picky with more than just gis. Regulations for rash guards also exist. So, if you plan on competing, you might want to check the regulations before you purchase a rash guard.
How Are Rash Guards Different from T-Shirts?
While some trainers choose to wear t-shirts, wearing a rash guard has great advantages. It’s easier for your opponent to grab your t-shirt. Unlike tight-fitting rash guards, t-shirts are loose and can easily be tangled. Additionally, they are functional. They help prevent rashes, mat burns, injuries, and control moisture.
Do Rash Guards Tear?
Rash guards are made from a material that can easily stretch. In most cases, they are durable, so they shouldn’t easily tear. In some cases, when you choose a cheap option that isn’t built well, you may experience tearing.
What Is the Most Important Thing to Consider When Purchasing a Rash Guard?
As mentioned earlier, there are several things you should consider before making a purchase. You want to choose the right gear to get the most of your money. While durability, material, size, style, thickness, brand, and price are all important factors, the most important is size. You need to have the right fit if you want your rash guard to be functional. Size is important for comfort, moisture-wicking, and skin protection. When you get the right fit, you’ll benefit from all the advantages of wearing a rash guard in the first place.

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