How and Why to use Finger Tape for BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu)?

Even though Jiu-Jitsu is much of the time called gentle art, even delicate things can disintegrate the hardest materials after some time. While the normal Jiu-Jitsu player may not generally surrender to the wounds that a football player or school wrestler may confront, they do confront nagging on the body.

One body part subject to consistent maltreatment that is all-inclusive to every specialist is the hands. Regardless of what style of Jiu-Jitsu you use, you will consistently be using a type of grasp as an anchor point as you advance to beneficial positions.

In no-gi, the grasps are genuinely direct. The C-hold uses your entire hand to make a hand enclosure, maybe around the wrist or lower leg. Or on the other hand, you may utilize an open/thumbless grasp, as with a collar tie or arm drag.

How and Why to use Finger Tape for BJJ

Be that as it may, when we change to the gi, your grasps will regularly require more exactness and finesse to use the texture most deliberately. A gi-driven Jiu-Jitsu game puts a huge strain on the fingers explicitly, to get lapels, sleeves, and jeans.

Many grip techniques, for example, the spider guard, are especially bad to an expert’s fingers. As numerous energetic Jiujiteiros like to prepare through the torment, a response to finger torment was created: finger tape.

About Tape

You may have observed many times that before any practicing session, these jiu-jitsu competitors sit in their picked corner of the mat, fastidiously circling tape around each finger.

While the actual tape does certainly not protect you from injury, it gives its clients two key advantages. There is a psychological segment right off the bat, and second, there are deterrent advantages to utilizing tape.

Psychological Game

Having a sense of security in any serious climate is significant and straightforwardly affects your performance.

A grappler with a hurt knee may support one leg, and may even be apprehensive to shoot their shot with that knee. In any case, it might just take wearing knee cushions to give them the certainty lift to completely focus on their impact twofold or to jump on an ideal low single leg,

Taping one’s fingers can give the client a comparable certainty help, giving them what they need to continue to battle.

For a few, it might have arrived at the degree of custom. To get in the battling headspace they need for a competition, the demonstration of focusing on something little like taping and ensuring a little part of the body could be sufficient to calm a restless psyche.

Pain Endurance

The central objective of finger taping is to both oversee and forestall injury. It is basic for each finger-taping Jiu-Jitsu player to take note that tape is just implied as a method to help instead of mending. Finger tape can’t, without anyone else, forestall or invert the adverse consequences that age and constant practice may have on your hands.

Besides finger tapping, there are other very important health measures that any jiu-jitsu contestant ought to follow. You’ve most likely seen the effect of long periods of Jiu-Jitsu practicing on the hands of one of your mentors or preparing accomplices.

Tapping is very helpful in supporting your knees.  It can help ensure against injury or backing recuperation, yet it will not converse persistent hand issues.

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Step by step instructions to tape your fingers

While there are various techniques for finger tapping, the core value ought to consistently be support for your digits. As such, center your taping around territories that you accept are generally helpless.

While the fingers and hand together can make an iron hold, the fingers without anyone else can be defenseless to harm if not focused on.

When taping you will wrap above and beneath each knuckle. For the thumb, these focuses will be one in the equivalent. Luckily, exclusive design finger-tape is sufficiently flimsy to be adaptable around off-kilter finger points while additionally being solid and steady.

Folding the tape over the joint in a round style should get the job done for finger support. Yet, if you need added support, and that exemplary rivalry looks, utilize the cross, or “X” taping strategy. As the name proposes, you will make an “X” design around the joint to cover and ensure more surface space for the finger.

Best finger tapes

Looking for finger tape is somewhat unique about looking for different kinds of Jiu-Jitsu gear. Without a doubt, you may have an internal discussion of picking white, dark, or one with the extravagant look, however, the ‘right’ decision will eventually come down to inclination.

You will need to decide your degree of need for tape. Do you play a hold substantial game? Have your fingers previously been affected by your time preparing? Whatever the responses to these inquiries might be, you will without a doubt go through a ton of tape. Evaluate a couple of our top picks and see which turns out best for your Jiu-Jitsu game and your wallet!

Hampton Adams Finger Tape

Hampton Adams Finger Tape


  • Four Stars
  • Gaudy plan
  • Simple tear
  • Less tape per move than standard

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Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Tape


  • Four and a half Stars
  • Better than ever glue
  • Made for and by Jiu-Jitsu Athletes


Monkey Tape

Monkey Tape


  • Five Stars
  • Stays solid all through training
  • Doesn’t leave a tacky buildup
  • Moderately modest


FuJi Finger Tape


  • Four Stars
  • Accompanies a case for putting away tape
  • Low cost for a length equivalent to contenders

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Armadillo Skin

Armadillo Skin


  • Three Stars
  • More tape per pack
  • Harder to tear
  • It May does not hold up for long practice meetings

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  • Three Stars *Best Starter Tape*
  • Reasonable
  • Sturdy
  • May leaves stick buildup on fingers



Jiu-Jitsu may not be pretty much as genuinely burdening as wrestling or other physical games however,  over the long run, the body can become host to a few constant wounds. Quite possibly the most vigorously used, and thus, the weakest body part is the hand.

Finger taping can help battle an energetic grip warrior’s plunge into joint inflammation. However, note that finger taping ought to just be used as a strategy for help, and ought not to be required to be a fix-all or injury anticipation plan. Consider tape a comparable in its utilization as headgear or knee cushions.

Regardless of whether you use finger tape for injury support or as a mind-up custom, make certain to utilize it related to appropriate rest and sound clinical guidance.


What kind of tape do golfers use on their fingers?
There is a tape named Mueller Finger tape that golfers mostly used. It is slightly sticky and does not leave a sticky residue on the finger.
What kind of tape do you use for BJJ?
Gold BJJ finger tape is highly reputed. It is quite helpful in any grappling battle.
Should I tape my fingers for BJJ?
Yes definitely! Everyone should wear tape while combating as it saves one from any hand injury that will affect your game otherwise.


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