What is Gracie Diet and how it Works? – [In 2021]

Carlos Gracie is a distinguished person and pioneer inside the MMA group. He has got his training from Count Coma, his genuine name is Misuyio Esai Maeda. He was a Judo delegate from Japan who moved to Brazil to spread the Jiu-Jitsu battling style.

What is Gracie Diet and how it Works

Gracie prepared for a very long time with Maeda until his family needed to move because of monetary issues. Gracie at that point showed his sibling the holy battling style in order to bring them into his fantasy about making a Jiu-Jitsu institute. It was past effective, and his work spearheaded and promoted Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ).

Over the long run, Gracie fostered an immense inheritance in BJJ that is as yet famous today. The warriors later showed interest in his eating routine and how he remained fit as a fiddle. Presently it is known as the Gracie Diet and established via Carlos Gracie himself. Ages and ages of the Gracie family stand and keep on after this eating routine.

Others outside of the Gracie family have additionally used the eating routine and expressed that it has numerous advantages to one’s wellbeing and prosperity. Grandmaster Carlos fostered the Gracie Diet through long stretches of experimentation with regular information on nourishment.

Diverse Food Groups inside the Gracie Diet

The Gracie Diet separates into six fundamental nutritional categories. Grandmaster Carlos chose specific food sources inside each gathering to keep the body in harmony. Like most weight control plans, there are rules for you to make a portion of the Gracie eats fewer carbs and get the greatest measure of advantages.

Everything has to do with how your body uses certain food varieties. Mixing specific nutrition classes can upgrade your body’s exhibition and enhance your general wellbeing and health. First off, we should investigate every nutritional category and model for each.

  • Nutrition type #1: protein and veggies, similar to chicken and hamburger or broccoli and green beans
  • Nutrition type #2: sweet organic products, similar to bananas, apples, or pears
  • Nutritional category #3: starches, similar to pasta, grains, or rice
  • Nutritional category #4: acidic organic products, similar to grapefruit, lemons, limes, or pineapple
  • Nutritional category # 5: milk
  • Nutritional category # 6: milk cream

Instructions to Follow the Gracie Diet

As a general guideline, specific food sources work best with others. Keeping the Gracie diet’s particular guidelines assists you with getting the most eminent advantages it is renowned for. It is basic to keep these six straightforward principles to your body in ideal condition.

  • Rule # 1: Food Group # 1 can blend in with Food Group #2; In one dinner, you can consolidate protein and veggies with sweet organic products.
  • Rule # 2: Foods in Group #2 ought not to blend, which means you can’t eat two diverse sweet natural products in a single supper.
  • Rule #3: Food Group # 3 can blend and go with food varieties in Group. Be certain that your food varieties in Group are not cooked in any fats.
  • Rule #4: Foods in Group #4 can’t go with one another or combined with some other gathering.
  • Rule # 5: You can consolidate milk with nutrition type #2.
  • Rule #6: You can blend milk cream with nutrition class #2.

Diverse Food Groups inside the Gracie Diet


When to eat?

Grandmaster Carlos advocates for a break between every feast,  5 hours is ideal. The thinking for the more stretched-out period between suppers is to permit your body to separate and process everything eaten completely.

In the event that 5 hours is excessively long, others have additionally suggested 3 hours. One can eat a little bit for a short span to stay satisfied until their next supper.

The Gracie Diet follows what food sources go with others. In the event that you eat too early, it permits the sustenance between those two food sources to blend, upsetting the reason and thought behind the eating regimen.

How Does The Gracie Diet Work?

The Gracie diet’s focal target is to keep the blood inside your body from being excessively acidic. In the event that an individual’s blood is excessively acidic, it upsets the common stomach-related interaction. The Gracie Diet intends to keep the blood inside your body at an impartial PH level.

The diet’s essential rule is not blending specific food, as not consolidating sharp food with other food, blending fats and sugars into one supper, and devouring oat with different grains.

The Gracie Diet Belt System

Rorion Gracie, the sibling of GrandMaster Carlos, made a straightforward belt framework for the Gracie Diet. Rorion Gracie is a prime supporter of UFC and a conspicuous individual from the Gracie family. He made the belt framework work to keep those on target, keep up their new sound propensities, and make the experience more pleasurable.

The belt framework is basically the same as the belt framework inside BJJ. There are five belts and one finishes it within ten weeks.

The Gracie Diet Belt System

White Belt

Like each white belt in combative techniques, it addresses the start of a new discipline and a better feeling of prosperity. The initial steps here are little yet lead to a higher effect on your wellbeing.

  • Drink water each day to support your body and scrub your stomach-related plot.
  • Wash your hands before each feast.

As a tip, many suggest laying down with a glass of water close to your bed to remind you to drink.

Blue Belt

You should consolidate these different undertakings with similar ones associated with the white belt, which means you actually need to drink water each day and wash your hands. This essential advance includes removing superfluous desserts and sugar.

  • Quit eating pastries and desserts after each dinner.
  • Try not to drink soft drinks.

Purple Belt

As expressed previously, monitor the wide range of various propensities from the past belts.

  • Study the diagram of the Gracie Diet and begin making food mixes for your dinners.
  • On the off chance that you eat pork, kill it from your eating routine.

Brown Belt

This belt keeps on expanding on the past ones.

  • Continue to do every one of the undertakings from different belts.
  • Longer stretches between every feast, in a perfect world 4-5 hours
  • Permit yourself to have swindles days toward the end of the week, yet return to following the Gracie Diet on the next Monday. While doing this, additionally consider how you feel genuinely and intellectually.

Black Belt

  • Lastly, you’ve arrived at the black belt which consolidates the entirety of the past advances.
  • Continue to rehearse every one of the errands from the past belts.
  • Keep up and keep the Gracie Diet. Try it a way of life change versus simply a brief eating regimen.


The Gracie Diet is a reliable eating plan that is a lot further than an eating routine. It is a way of life change appropriate for those intending to play out their best and improve in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The eating regimen intently follows what you can eat as well as what you should consolidate with it.

There are six fundamental nutrition types to know and study. Knowing the intricate details of these gatherings will help you understand and act upon the Gracie Diet. Outside of what you eat, you should likewise t eating try to eat less.

This eating routine stresses the significance of the stomach-related framework. Food mixes inside the Gracie Diet help keep your pH levels in your blood from getting excessively acidic. On the off chance that your blood levels get excessively acidic, it influences your stomach-related framework drastically, which can prompt long-haul ailments.

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