Hayabusa Rash Guards: Worth Considering Costumes [Reviews In 2021]

Hayabusa is a brand worth considering for the Rash Guards. It is quite popular and is well known for providing the best rash guards. Although they cost a bit more than other competitive brands, they are surely worth the money you spend. They perform really well and last for a long time. Also, they have a huge variety of sizes and you can easily find the ones that fit you perfectly.


Rash Guards are special costumes designed specifically for Athletes, Bodybuilders, and BJJ trainers. They are made of Nylon, Spandex, or Polyester in order to make them ideal for hardworking trainers. The rash guards keep your body dry even during the hardest training sessions and regulate normal body temperature.

The Hayabusa Rash Guards come in a huge variety of designs and colors. They are prepared according to a size that tightly fits you, which Jiu-Jitsu demands. A very major benefit of these rash guards is that they protect the wearer’s skin from rashes, scrapes, or sweating during harder training.

Hayabusa Mataro Long Sleeve Jiu-Jitsu Rash Guard

Hayabusa Mataro Long Sleeve Jiu-Jitsu Rash Guard

This long sleeve rash guard is made up of Elastane and Polyester. These materials make you feel comfortable as well as improve your performance. It is synonymous with its performance and is a representation of great excellence. They are designed to go anywhere with you, regardless of the type of battle you’re preparing for.


Here are a few great things about Hayabusa Mataro’s rash guard.

  • Optimizes Body Temperature – Due to the excellent material used in their manufacture, the Mataro long sleeve Jiu Jitsu rashguard plays a great role in optimizing your body temperature and maintaining maximum muscle strength.
  • Good Range of Colors – The Hayabusa Mataro full sleeve rash guards come in four different colors; Red, Green, Blue, and Black. Also, their colors are guaranteed with 100% professional regulations.
  • Compression Fit – The costume fits your body tight enough to make you feel as comfortable as possible. There is an inner silicon banding that keeps the rash guard completely locked down.
  • Not a See-Through – The rash guard might seem to be thin, but it’s not. It is completely a non-see-through rash guard and also absorbs any sweat, yet keeps your muscles warm and strong.

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Hayabusa Geo Half Sleeve Rash Guard

Hayabusa Geo Half Sleeve Rash Guard

Another very amazing Rash Guard by Hayabusa is the Geo half sleeve rash guard. It is made up of 84% Polyester and 16% Spandex. It is super comfortable on your body and fits like a second skin.


Let’s take a look at some really good things about this rash guard which are much appreciated by people.

  • Comfortable and Fit – The Hayabusa Geo rash guard serves as a second skin on your body. Also, it is very comfortable and prevents you from having any chafing sensation while training.
  • Act as a Shield – It acts as a shield for your skin and body, protecting you from any kind of mat burns or scratching. It provides great security and protection even when you’re rolling.
  • Silicon Banding– It has a Silicon banding on the inner side of the shirt which keeps the edges locked down.
  • Unrestricted Movements – Hayabusa Geo rash guard feels super light on your skin and gives you free-flowing movements while keeping the costume fit and locked to your skin because of its Silicon waistband.
  • Regulates Body Temperature – It helps in the proper regulation of your body temperature and keeps your muscles warm. Moreover, during hard training sessions, it keeps your body cool and dry by wicking away all the sweat.

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Hayabusa Marvel Long Sleeve Jiu-Jitsu Rash Guard

Hayabusa Marvel Long Sleeve Jiu-Jitsu Rash Guard

The Hayabusa Marvel rash guards are also known to be the Hero Elite rash guards because of their high demand by Jiu-Jitsu trainers and the amazing features they offer. These rashguards feel super comfortable and light on your skin, right from the time you wear them. You can wear them for long training sessions without any worries.


Here are some features of the Hayabusa Marvel rash guard.

  • Better Performance – The Hayabusa Marvel rash guards are manufactured with titanium in their fabric which also makes them unique in other rash guards. The material proves to be super effective in keeping your skin dry and cool during training.
  • Comfort and Fit – Just like all other Hayabusa rash guards, the Marvel rash guard is also very comfortable and fits your skin as its second layer.
  • Silicon Banding – The Silicon hem adds great value to the great fitting of your rash guards. It is the best thing that keeps your shirt locked and prevents it from riding up even when you’re rolling.
  • Regulated Body Temperature – One of the best things about the Hayabusa rash guards is their body temperature regulation feature. The Marvel rash guard, just like all other Hayabusa’s rash guards, keep your muscles warm, regulates your body temperature, and wicks away any sweat.
  • Strong Rolling – A rash guard should obviously be fit enough to withstand your training sessions day in and day out. The reinforced stitching and Silicon hem assures the long-lasting built of your rash guard and stays tight on the skin even during the strong rolls.

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Hayabusa Rash Guards – Pros & Cons

  • Protection against mat burns and scratches
  • Optimize your body temperature
  • Made up of high-quality fabrics
  • Super comfortable
  • Silicon banding keeps the edges locked down
  • Fit tightly to the skin
  • Support optimum muscle functioning
  • Allow free-flowing movements
  • Non-see-through costumes
  • Some people complain that their sizing runs small


Our Final Verdict

Hayabusa is a much popular and well-respected brand for plenty of reasons. They go above and beyond all other brands for their designs and manufacturing processes in order to ensure the highest quality rash guards.

Hayabusa rash guards provide you with excellent performance and the highest protection that a rash guard can offer. They have become a game-leading brand because of the fact that they consider the wearer’s perspective and create innovative rash guards for their customers.

If you’re a passionate athlete and plan to be consistent in your passion, we totally recommend you to buy the Hayabusa Rash Guards. It is better to spend a little more for once than to spend less for many times.


Do rash guards work?
Rash guards definitely work. They protect you against any mat burns or scratches during your training sessions, and most importantly; they protect you from harmful UV rays.
Should rash guards fit tight?
Yes, the rash guards should fit tight on your skin in order to keep you more comfortable during your training sessions and to prevent chafing and rubbing.
Can you swim in a rash guard?
Unlike Cotton T-shirts, rash guards are a good idea for swimming. Professional swimmers wear rash guards because they protect your body in a better way than swimsuits can.
Can you tan through a rash guard?
Well, not easily. Well-branded rash guards have in-built protection from the harmful sun rays. Their fabric is made of high-quality materials and is tightly woven which does not let the harmful rays reach onto your skin. And this means you won’t tan through good quality, branded rash guard.
Do rash guards make you hot?
No, rash guards do not make you feel hot. They are made up of such a material that wicks away any sweat, keeps your muscles warm and your body cool. They are made up of Nylon, Spandex, or Polyester which do not absorb much warmth.
Do you wear rash guard over your swimsuit?
For the purpose of swimming or splashing around the beech, some people wear a rash guards over the swimsuit. This helps you support your bust and you may dive into the water at a moment’s notice.


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