The Best Health Benefits of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Jiu-jitsu is one of the most beneficial forms of physical and mental activity that you can become a part of. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is a very reward-oriented form of martial arts.

Staying fit these days is the topmost priority for many people. You can enjoy your life to the fullest and get the most advantage from your time.

Researchers have nowadays highly emphasized the addition of physical and mental activity that’s going to keep you in shape as well as increase the longevity of a successful life

If you are a lazy person. Eating food all day sitting on your couch than not only you have no social life but also your health is going to suffer a great deal

You will not be able to do your regular chores properly. And you will get obese and prone to a lot of diseases. Lack of activity is very fatal

Mental health also is one of the areas that need a lot of work. When you stay busy working all day your mind gets stuck in the same routine. You need a lot of mind-calming and soothing activities that is going to add great value to your life

There is a wide range of options available nowadays for physical and mental activities. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is a great example. It is a journey full of passion and learning.

The best thing about learning Jiu-Jitsu is that it is a sport totally based on the positivity of mind and body. The basic foundation of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is honor and respect. You learn to combat but also discipline to live a better healthy life

Jiu-Jitsu training can change the way you look at life. It changes your mind to appreciate the smallest things and deal with the biggest challenges you face in life with mental and physical strength.

Jiu-Jitsu training will definitely test your weaknesses. It will break you to your core and then make you strong both physically and mentally. It is a really big deal to go through all the difficult training and come out victorious at the other end

Following is how jiu Jitsu going to actually make difference.

Take control of your life

Jiu-Jitsu trains you for a variety of challenging situations. Either you are on the mat or in real life taking control is the key.

On the mat, you have to learn how to anticipate the opponent’s move, and then quickly think about your counter move either you want to block the opponent or attack back, and with what intensity.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu teaches you how to look at everything from a positive perspective. It tells you that you have a choice in life that either you can stay the same and do nothing with your life or you can make your 100 percent effort and change your circumstances according to your wishes

Of course, not everything in life can be controlled but still when you start doing what’s best for you and taking responsibility of your actions, making better choices will be like a piece of cake.

Constant failures and hard time in the gym teaches you how to get back from a tough situation. How you can keep your eyes on your goal and stay committed to them. It will teach you what is important in life and how much you fight for it.

Wins and losses are part and parcel attached with life but through Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu you will be more able to keep your life in your own hands and don’t let anyone else drive it and make some and rational choices with clarity of mind.

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Staying relax and calm

When you are on the mat and someone has your neck in their grip and you are fighting for your life. Staying calm and thinking about your next move will give you an edge over your opponent.

If you panic at that moment you are definitely going to lose the fight. In such moments it’s very important to breathe. When you are in a troublesome situation you usually forget to breathe.

And that will take you to an extra panic situation and mistakes are a must. So in order to stay relaxed, you need to breathe under pressure so that the oxygen flow remains fluent in your body and you can make the right choices to counter the attack of the opponent.

The same happens in real life. You face some issues and you stop breathing. In such situations, your Jiu-Jitsu training should help you stay calm and breathe. You will be able to think quickly on your feet and make good decisions at the end

You should start this training by taking deep breaths on regular basis in a panic situation and prevent overthinking and overacting and stay focused on your better life.

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No place for EGO

Ego in any way is a dead end. So when you are entering your training session you must leave your EGO at the door. You must learn to be humble and down to earth.

Ego makes you stiff in your mind and you become proud of who you are and think of yourself as a superior. On jiu Jitsu mat that’s going to crush you to the ground and you will never succeed

In Jiu-Jitsu you learn that every tap is another learning experience and you get to openly show your weaknesses and you get complete support and coaching to perfect your art of jiu Jitsu without getting judged.

Being totally honest with your mentors is going to develop a level of trust and then with their help, you are going to go ahead in your training and learn every type of tip and trick.

Same in real life if you work on your ego and think of yourself better than others then everything will be ruined. For better life and relationship you must be compromising and acceptable to your mistakes and correct them as well.

BJJ boosts your confidence

When you are on the mat you will be facing opponents twice your size and skill level. In BJJ you will learn how to deal with this type of situation by staying calm and patiently waiting for your turn to play your tricks. You learn new techniques while doing so.

Same in real life you feel more confident in dealing with all the scenarios with confidence. Whatever life throws at you, you stay confident to deal with it and have success just like you have on your mat.

The outside world is very cruel sometimes but your training will help you gain the confidence to look the problem in the eye and get through successfully.

Phenomenal shape

Jiu-Jitsu is one of the toughest forms of physical training and overall martial arts as well. It doesn’t require you to be extremely powerful or have huge physique.

You can be of short physicality and medium strength but you have perfected your art and you stay calm and confident to make your move at the right time and take full advantage of your technique.

It gives you a hardcore shape that you can’t imagine otherwise. Tou are constantly trained to become extremely strong and with the time you achieve a fine ripped body

With such great training you don’t feel lazy at all in your regular life you like to stay active and it will help you do your regular job efficiently and quickly. You get on top of your physical strength and mental competence.

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Jiu-Jitsu teaches you an extreme level of patience during your time of training. It takes real patience to learn the tricks and patience is the key, to be honest.

Being under the pump on the mat all the time teaches you to be patient and try your best to work it out in your favor. Even If you lose still learn a lot about being patient.

Jiu-Jitsu is a positive game and no one criticizes you for your losses so you can easily show your weaknesses and work patiently on them.

With hard work and patience, you can achieve brilliance both in real life as it does on Mat. You stay patient, make sacrifices and live a great successful life.

Learn about your strength and weakness

On the mat, you get to know what part of your body has strength and which muscles are weak. You get on the mat and get beaten till you tap.

That means your opponents has taken full advantage of your weak muscle but with work and constant practice you get a hold of your body and make your muscles strong

In real life, you need to take full advantage of your strengths and act accordingly. But when you know your weaknesses in real life you will for sure manage them.

Strong mentality

With tough training like Jiu-Jitsu, you have to make yourself mentally strong to live it through the game. You will be dominated by an opponent for an unlimited time, you have to keep your mind focused.

You became mentally ready for every type of challenge and deal with it on your feet. You can anticipate your opponent’s next move and be prepared in advance to counter their moves

In the real world, you get through

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People interactions

You join the jiu Jitsu training gym and you meet a great number of similar people like you. Some seek physical activity and some are there for getting professionally trained to be marital art specialists.

Whether you are there for just being positive or more attentive in life. You meet a lot of people with the same interests. People who share same insecurities as you do.

And they are looking for help and jiu Jitsu provides them that comfort zone to open up and share experiences

You make friends and colleagues and have a social circle to share your life. In life, good people in your surroundings add great value. And in Jiu Jitsu, people are most positive and motivating toward others.

All in all your quality of life will be improved immensely with pursuing Jiu-Jitsu training and you will find yourself calmer confident and completely in control of your life.


Does Jiu Jitsu gets you in shape?
Jiu-Jitsu training system is a great physical activity that gets you in great shape. It not only gives you strength but the sharpness with quick response to every challenge that you face in life.
How many times a week should you do Jiu Jitsu?
To become a professional black belt you should do as much training as humanly possible to get into an expert level proficiency. But if you want to just an activity good training twice or thrice a week
Does Jiu-Jitsu gets you ripped?
Jiu-Jitsu gets you a great physique if you pursue it professionally. It gets you an extremely ripped body, strengthens your core, and extreme stability in life.
Does Jiu-Jitsu ruin your body?
Well, everything that is done right is beneficial. So if your training is according to the instructions of your mentor then it’s a great activity. But if you get into medication and extra training then it will be ruining your body badly
Can I start jiu-Jitsu at 50?
You can start jiu Jitsu at any age the only thing that matters is how much you want to achieve in life. With good health and precise coaching instructions you can go a long way at 50 as well

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