Top 10 Best Jiu Jitsu Mats for Home (2021 Review)

The major need in Jiu-Jitsu training is the Matt you train on. The regular floor is a hard piece of ground and it can be fatal for our bodies to train on them. The reason being the hardcore nature of Jiu-Jitsu training. Turn, you will surely be more proficient and successful in your Jiu-Jitsu art.

Similarly, with Jiu-Jitsu the practice in the gym with your coach is not enough to earn you that level of expertise. You have to train yourself at home and practice all that you have learned as much as you can and in return, you will surely be more proficient and successful in your Jiu-Jitsu art.

The major need in Jiu-Jitsu training is the Matt you train on. The regular floor is a hard piece of ground and it can be fatal for our bodies to train on them. The reason being the hardcore nature of Jiu-Jitsu training.

Learning the tricks of the game requires you to fall on the ground many times and you won’t be able to learn any techniques if you get beaten like this. So the BJJ Mats is a Great Investment for your home gym and the most important one indeed.

Now we have established the importance of training at home on your own mat the question that arises next is which mat to choose and how to determine which one is better for your requirements.

Top 10 Best Jiu-Jitsu Mats for Home

Here are the top 10 Jiu-Jitsu mats according to our recommendation that you can choose from according to your personal need

  • Everlast 2×6 Folding Mat
  • IncStore Roll Out Wrestling and Tumbling Mats.
  • IncStores – 1″ MMA Interlocking Foam Tiles – Perfect for Martial Arts, Lightweight Home Gyms, p90x, Insanity, Gymnastics, Yoga, Cardio and Aerobics
  • Z Athletic 4ft x 8ft x 2in Folding Mat Gymnastics, Tumbling in Multiple Colors
  • Dollamur 10’x10′ Flexi-Roll Wrestling Mat
  • Get Rung Martial Art Mats (1 Inch) 25mm Perfect for Tatami, MMA, Wrestling, Interlocking Puzzle Mats. Perfect Exercise Mat
  • IncStores Roll Out Wrestling and Tumbling Mats
  • IncStores – Tatami Foam Tiles – Extra Thick mats Perfect for Martial Arts, MMA, Lightweight Home Gyms, p90x, Gymnastics, Yoga and Cardio
  • We Sell Mats 3/4 Inch Thick Martial Arts EVA Foam Exercise Mat, Tatami Pattern, Interlocking Floor Tiles for Home Gym, MMA, Anti-Fatigue Mats, 24 in x 24 in
  • IncStores – 1″ MMA Interlocking Foam Tiles – Perfect for Martial Arts, Lightweight Home Gyms, p90x, Insanity, Gymnastics, Yoga, Cardio and Aerobics

The detail of every mat individually is as follows:

Everlast 2×6 Folding Mat

Everlast 2×6 Folding MatWhen at home we like to work out in the different areas of our home according to our mood and exercise requirements of space, light, and ventilation. So if we can transport our mat easily it’s a great feature to have in your mat. This Everlast 2×6 Folding Mat is a great option in this regard. It has handles on the side so you can carry it anywhere you want very easily

It is a foldable mat so it is automatically very handy to work with and store it when you are done. It does not take that bigger of space.

The cover of this mat is water resistant that makes it sweat proof and easy to clean with soap and water. Over all This Is a very easy to use mat.

The thickness of this mat is 6 inches that enables you to train properly and prevents you from injuries.

  • Non-Absorbent
  • Easy to Clean
  • Easy to carry
  • Foldable
  • Easy to store
  • Moisture Resistant
  • Size specification 24×72
  • 6 inches thickness
  • No other size available
  • Less thickness for professional use
  • Low durability


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IncStore Roll Out Wrestling and Tumbling Mats

IncStore Roll Out Wrestling and Tumbling MatsRoll out mat is a good choice for Jiu-Jitsu training. As the name suggests this mat gets rolled out and easily stored after you are done for the day. We can carry it anywhere.

It is a 5’×10′ mat and weighs 12kg. This mat has a flexible option that you can attach other similar mats and enlarge it by using Velcro strips according to your need.

This mat comes in 3 different size specifications and 9 different colors that give you 27 different options to choose from.  Most people easily find there required Jiu-Jitsu mat from this many combinations.

This mat is manufactured from crosslink polyethylene foam with a durable 24oz vinyl cover. It’s very likely that you get lots of punching during your Jiu Jitsu training where this mat helps by providing sturdiness, extreme stability and absorbs shock.

It is an overall safe and comfortable mat for any sort of physical exercise and training. The vinyl coat is waterproof so it’s easier to keep it clean and sanitize to avoid germs.

Two different thickness options are available.

  • 1-1/4
  • 1-5/8

Both these options are great in providing comfortability and comfort.

  • 9 different color choices
  • Portability
  • Easily Transportable
  • Excellent for Both temporary and permanent use
  • Polyethylene is great at shock absorption and provide comfort.
  • Flimsy straps.


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IncStores – 1″ MMA Interlocking Foam Tiles

IncStores - 1 MMA Interlocking Foam TilesRegular mats are one option but if you don’t like them let us suggest you another option. These mats are like puzzles. These BJJ 1” MMA Interlocking Foam Tiles are flexible. You can attach as many pieces as your training requires to comfortably practice your tricks and extra space and security.

Eva foam is non-recycled, non-toxic, lightweight, and high density closed cell foam.  The biggest advantage of this material is that it is very strong and durable. You can easily practice all the heavy-duty work out without worrying that it might get torn.

Interlocking tile measures 24×24×1 in size. U can get 4 tiles that measure 16 feet up to 60 tiles to measure 240 square feet in total. You can choose your required size.

  • Tiles can interconnect at any end
  • Light weight and nontoxic material
  • Durable
  • 25 tiles in one set can cover large area for training
  • 1 year warranty
  • Damage by heavier objects
  • Breakage of tiles from edges can be harmful
  • Hard to clean in corners


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Z Athletic 4ft x 8ft x 2in Folding Mat

Z Athletic 4ft x 8ft x 2in Folding MatIf you are not a big fan of jigsaw mats and you like it in one piece Z Athletic Martial art mat is your best pick. Z Athletic is a very well-known reputable mat brand and for the past 20 years it is being used all over the globe in gyms and homes for multi-purpose usage

This mat has a professional design. It can be extended by attaching its hooks and loops to other mats and achieve your desired size.

It is 4ft×8ft×2in dimensions. Its 2-inch thickness is very important for firm support. It is a high quality, high density cross-linked polyethylene foam. It is covered with 18oz vinyl which is very high in quality and durability.

  • Hooks and loops for further connections
  • Easy to clean and in toxic
  • Multiple usage
  • High quality and durability
  • There is a feeling of stickiness at start


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Dollamur 10’×10’ Flexi-Roll Wrestling Mat

Dollamur 10’×10’ Flexi-Roll Wrestling MatIf you are interested in BJJ competition level training at home this Dollamur Flexi-Roll mat is your best pick. It is a high-quality mat that can bear very high pressure and for a longer period of time

They are very convenient to use. Once get rolled out they are very easy to carry anywhere you want

They are very easy to clean.

It is available in two 5’×10’ mats weighing 20lbs. As it is very lightweight it can be rolled out easily. You can make a larger training area by connecting the two with mat tape.

They are made up of high Athletic grade closed-cell crossed-linked polyethylene foam.

They are very rigid, shock-absorbing and stable mats for your professional training

The covers are made up of 24oz vinyl that prevents slippage. There is special clothing on the back that makes it heat resistant. Stable mats for your professional training

It has Bio-pruf TM treatment that makes the mat germ free and hygienic.

  • Prevent diseases and infections with germ free coating
  • Great portability and easy storage
  • Durable under high pressure for longer time
  • Not very thick so not good for people who need extra cushioning


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Get Rung Martial Art Mats (1 Inch) 25mm

Get Rung Martial Art Mats (1 Inch) 25mmGet Rung Martial Art Mat is best because of its high-quality shock Absorbing feature. It is available in black, grey, red and blue in color. It is made of solid color non-toxic EVA foam material. It is lead and latex-free.

Each piece is 40”×40”×1”’ in dimension with 100 square feet per pack of 9 pieces. Each piece has 12 borders around it

It is a very durable, lightweight, and water-resistant mat. The cleaning process is very basic. It is very easy to assemble and is very high on security rating. It is 50 pound in weight

  • Shock absorption
  • Non-toxic and light weight
  • Water proof and easy to clean
  • Design
  • Some size issues


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IncStores – Tatami Foam Tiles – Extra Thick mats

IncStores - Tatami Foam Tiles - Extra Thick matsThis Incstore Tatami Foam Tile mat is great to pick for both home and gym use. The company gives you a 1 year in warranty as well. It is just like a jigsaw puzzle that connects to each other from every side. It has a beveled option as well so that it can attain seamless edges. You can keep it to whatever size you want.

It has a very tight finished look to avoid any edges and gaps. It comes in two reversible colors. Blue-red and grey-black. It gives you an opportunity to mix and match as you want.

This mat comes with 24×24×0.75 inches in dimensions. This thickness gives additional comfort and prevent injuries. Mat is manufactured with non-recycled, non-toxic and closed-cell EVA foam material. This high-density material is definitely durable and lightweight. Its shock proof and easy to clean.

  • Setting up and storage is simple
  • EVA Foam for durability and resistance
  • Different design and sign
  • Easy to clean
  • Scratching and heavy objects can damage it.


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We Sell Mats 3/4 Inch Thick Martial Arts EVA Foam Exercise Mat

We Sell Mats 34 Inch Thick Martial Arts EVA Foam Exercise MatWe Sell Mats 3/4 Inch Thick Martial Arts EVA Foam Exercise Mat, Tatami Pattern, Interlocking Floor Tiles for Home Gym, MMA, Anti-Fatigue Mats, 24 in x 24 in

It is made with high-quality foam. It is for people who like to work out at home. It is user-friendly in size. It can be used anywhere in your home. It is available in two thickness options. You can choose according to your comfort zone.

It can be customized by folding the foam. It can get four-time smaller. The cover is moisture resistant. This mat can be connected easily to enlarge the size as there are hooks on the corner of the mat.

  • Two different sizes 4’×6’ and 4’×8
  • Foam thickness 1.5″ and 2”
  • High density cross-linked polyethylene foam
  • Easy storage
  • Durable
  • Thickness issues


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Things You should know before Buying BJJ Mat for home

You need to make sure about some important things before buying a BJJ mat for home training. You should consider these things to buy the right mat as per your requirement.


The important thing while buying the BJJ training mat is the material it’s made of. The mats usually made of two materials

  • EVA Foam
  • Cross-linked polyethylene Foam

EVA Foam material is basically made of ethylene and vinyl acetate. These two main components make a durable and shock absorbing mat for jiu-jitsu training.

The main concern is to have material under yourself while training which is soft and gives you cushion while workout and fighting time.

Cross-linked polyethylene foam is as you can understand from the name a grid type of material. The best feature of this training mattress is its immense flexibility which makes it easier to use and fully shock absorbing.

The material is so flexible that it stays in shape after heavy falling pressure which makes this foam mat best for hard hitters. You can also fold it easily and put it into the store due to its flexible and high-quality material.

Types of Mats

The adjustment of the BJJ training mats is dependent upon the available place in the house. The main reason to have a jiu-jitsu training mat at home is to get a surface that is safe and shock absorbing. The mats are available in different types and shapes and sizes, you can buy them as per your comfort and place convenience.

Folding Mats

These are most handy as you can easily fold them after the training session. You can adjust them as per your available space or you can use them in the gym too.

Another feature is that you can extend them by attaching them with tape then you will not be able to fold them and they will be separated if you put a heavyweight on them.

Interlocking foam tiles

This is the most popular type of training mats which comes in the shape of tiles and you can adjust them in any kind of space according to your need.

The best part that you can set up and store them pretty easily and if you have a small space you can choose the exact size in the shape of foam tiles and later if you extant your space keep adding the tiles to expand your training area.

The only thing to be careful of is that if you put heavy pressure on the mats the tiles might get separated.

Roll out mats

Another very easy use type of mat. Unlike folding mats, you need to roll them while storing them. They made of polyethylene foam and vinyl coating which makes them shock-absorbing, durable, and really easy to clean

You can also extend your space by adding more mats with each other using mat tape but avoid heavyweights as it’s not suitable for them.

Puzzle mats

These are the best mats on a low budget for BJJ training. EVA foam is used in these mats and they are ideal for small space. They are soft and durable and comes in 20mm and 40mm width sizes, mostly 40mm is best for jiu-jitsu training at home.

Final Conclusion

I hope the above-given information is going to help you in every way to choose the right mat for your precise needs. All the above-mentioned jiu Jitsu mats have great features. The important thing is for what purpose you are using your mat

Z- Athletic martial arts mat is the best POC for me according to my needs. I can train for my warm-up and gymnastics on this mat. It provides a firm base and prevents me from injuries.

That being said you need to choose your mat wisely as all your training will get affected if you made mistake in this process

Happy buying…

How important an underlay is for BJJ mats?
An underlay is a layer that sits between the floor and your training mat. It’s not necessary to have an underlay under your mat but if you want more cushioning and comfort it’s a good thing to add under your training mat. Another thing is that if your floor surface is not level then the additional underlay will protect your mat from damage and also gives a level surface to your training mat.
What is the price of BJJ home training mats?
The price of the training mats depends on various things and the price depends on all of those features. You can calculate the cost in terms of per square foot. You decide your mat with cushions, cleaning comfort, and an installation pattern, all these factors vary the cost of the training mat. You can have a BJJ training mat between $2 to $7 per square foot.
How important is mat cleaning?
Cleaning is the most important thing while having a BJJ training mat at home. It’s not important which brand you are using keeping it clean and germs-free will increase its life. The best way to clean is vacuuming it regularly as you need to do it after every session but it’s a temporary way to clean, for deep and proper cleaning avoid chemicals as it can damage the surface of the mat. The best is to simply use soap and water to clean it without any harm or use a diluted bleach solution.

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