[Top 9] Best Joint Supplements for Athletes – [2021 Reviewd]

The national library of medicine researches to know the joint-related conditions of different athletes. They take two groups of people; one group was athletes, and the other was ordinary peoples. The result was that more percentage of athletes was facing joint-related pains as compared to ordinary peoples.

The reason was that they have to do intense training sessions in their athlete life, which affects their joints. Many medical researchers claim to treat joint pains, but we have gone through all supplements, talked to many experts, and then selected the 9 best supplements that would be very beneficial if dealing with joint pains.

1. Fish Oil

We have decided that we’ll cover the fish oil first for the relief of the joint paint. Two primary acids are present in fish oil.

These are the acids that play a role, like the anti-anti-inflammatory in the human body. It is one of the cheapest sources from which you can get the essential omega-3 fatty acids.

If your muscles have soreness after the hard workout sessions, this will help cure that soreness. The fish oil will work as an anti-inflammatory acid that will reduce your joint’s pain and improve your joint’s functioning.

If you are an athlete, you should add fish oil to your diet to prevent joint pains and eliminate the fatigue you can have in your muscles after an intense workout session.

We have gone through many types of research but couldn’t find single harm of the fish oil. So, we can say it is perfect for your body which doesn’t have any side effects. But if you are a pregnant woman, then you should consult your doctor before using this supplement.

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2. Glucosamine Sulfate

It is one more natural supplement that you can get from shellfish. You can find this in keratin which is a vital protein for your hair growth. Many types of research show the benefits of Glucosamine Sulfate for the decrease of joint pain.

If you are a runner, then this one is for you because it will give you relief from the joint pain that can occur at the time of your hard running sessions.

It is advised not to take the dose of more than 1500mg daily because it can cause harm, and don’t take the 1500mg once but take it three different times a day. There are no severe harm/ side effects of the Glucosamine Sulfate, but if you are a lactose intolerant person, avoid it because it can cause some digestive issues.

If you add 1500mg of glucosamine sulfate to your daily diet, it will slow down your joint degeneration to prevent your joint pains. And for the runners, according to us, it is a compulsory component of their daily diet.

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3. Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)

It is another common supplement which you can get through different vegetables. It is also used as the supplement dosage as the pain-killer for your joint’s pain. You can get Methylsulfonylmethane, from raw milk, coffee, tea, tomatoes, and many other fruits and vegetables but the most useful is when you use it as a supplement.

If you have pain in your joints, then you can use this supplement due to its anti-flamming properties. It makes a cushion around your joints that protects your joints in heavy training sessions and reduces fatigue.

If you have joint pains or want to prevent joint pains, it is suitable for both persons. It will reduce the pain of the person dealing with the joint pain and prevent the ordinary person’s pain by giving cushioning to their joints.

The researchers are confused about the daily dosage of Methylsulfonylmethane so, we’ll recommend you not to take more than 3000mg per day because it can cause skin allergy and rashes in some cases.

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4. Chondroitin

It is one of the powerful supplements that is advised to prevent joint pains in athletes. It makes your joint bones flexible and retention of the joint’s water, making them active to work more, especially if you are an athlete it is a compulsory item of your diet.

If you are a runner or athlete of any other sport, then you should take chondroitin to prevent problems that can occur in your joints due to heavy training sessions.

The advised dosage of chondroitin is 1000 to 1200 mg, and you can take this at once or two or three times a day as suitable to your routine. Research shows that if a person takes a daily dose of 1000 to 1200mg, it will improve joint health and reduce pain.

It is one of the safest supplements which you can use, but in some cases, people complain about digestive issues or nausea after taking this supplement. So, don’t take the extra dosage without consulting your doctor.

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5. Cissus Quadrangularis

It is used in the many supplements used as the pain killer of the joints for athletes. It is also called a medicated plant. The Cissus Quadrangularis is used in many old medicines.

In ayurvedic books, the Cissus Quadrangularis is used to treat many diseases like h diabetes, control of cholesterol, and weight loss.

It makes your bones strong and also makes sure that your bones can quickly recover from the fracture. In some medical research, if you are dealing with joint issues, this supplement is an excellent way to treat it.

The experts advised that if you are an athlete, then the daily dosage is between 3000 to 3300g. Many clinical types of research show that if you take 3200mg of the Cissus Quadrangularis daily, you can reduce joint pain by 31%, but you should not take more than 300mg if you are an ordinary person.

It is a natural plant-based supplement, so; there is no harmful effect of this supplement on the human body.

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 6. FruiteX-B

It is a medical supplement that is very useful for people facing joint pains. Many clinical types of research show that by using this supplement, there is a significant relief in joint pain. The main component in this supplement is calcium fructoborate which you can find in different fruits and vegetables.

It makes sure that your joint keeps safe and prevents joint pain by making them flexible. It is also beneficial to recover the damaged muscle soreness during the training as an athlete.

If you use this calcium fructoborate for a consistent 15 to 20 days, then you’ll see a significant reduction in joint pain. The advised dosage of this supplement is 220mg if you are dealing with severe chronic joint pain.

If you are an athlete, this is a must-do addition to your diet to prevent joint pain in the future.

There are no side effects of this supplement on the human body, but much research has to be done.

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7. Curcumin

It is the critical component for the joint pain found in turmeric. It is also beneficial to treat all kinds of joint pain or fractures due to its inflammatory qualities. There are many ayurvedic medicated recipes in which turmeric is used for the strength of the bones.

This supplement gives your bones strong and reduces the inflammation from them so they can work properly. The athletes can relate to this that after their hard training sessions, they have severe inflammation and pain in bones but taking curcumin means turmeric will treat the pain and reduce the inflammation.

If you plan to start taking the supplements, you should take curcumin, around 500mg to 1500mg; that will be enough for a person. This supplement is a must component in their daily diet for athletes who are dealing with joint pain or bone fractures.

It is a very natural supplement that can be found in your home’s kitchen, so there are no severe side effects of curcumin, but it can cause nausea or loose stools in some people.

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8. Type II Collagen

It is an important supplement available in the human body, an essential protein needed for your bone, muscles, hair, and skin. It is also a very beneficial supplement for the inflammation and pain of your joints. The Type II Collagen makes your bones stronger and eliminates the chances of joint pain, and if you have severe joint pain, this one will help reduce the pain.

The athletes should try this supplement to improve the overall joint’s health and prevent joint issues; it will treat the inflammation that occurs after the hard workout sessions around your joints.

Research conducted on the athlete states that there was a more than 80% reduction in the inflammation and joint pain after the consistent use of Type II Collagen for the six months.

The daily dosage of the Type II Collagen should not be more than 10g because it is true that there are no side effects of this supplement till now, but as a protein, it has a horrible amino acid profile which can cause trouble.

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9. Boswellia Serrata

It is another plant-based supplement that can be found in the ancient medicated history of Ayurvedic medications. It has anti-inflammatory properties, which are essential to deal with chronic joint pains. It is also used to treat many other diseases.

Boswellia Serrata makes sure that your joints are working properly by giving them power. It doesn’t matter that if you have severe joint pain or mild, the Boswellia Serrata will treat them. If you are an athlete, then the Boswellia Serrata is also a natural supplement that can prevent joint pains, which are very common after hard training sessions.

If you are an athlete, then the doctors advised you to take the daily dosage of 2500 to 2600; you don’t have to take the dosage at once; you can divide it into three parts with your three meals.

If you take the proper dosage for 2 to 3 months, then the joint pain will be gone forever. It is a natural plant-based supplement so, it does not have any severe side effects, but if your skin is sensitive, it can cause allergy.


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How to choose the best supplement?

Many supplement companies in the markets are advertising to be the best supplements for joint pains, but when you use them, you can’t get the results so, to prevent them, you have to look at every supplement closely.

The first thing you should make sure that the supplements you are using are plant-based because the plant-based supplements are the one s that do not have many side effects or very mild side effects.

The next thing you have to see in the supplements is their ingredients list. The ingredients are the companies using and then research every one extensively because it is directly related to your health, so carelessness has some terrible results. Two supplements are advised to take together, but when we do the research, no research can prove that those are beneficial then this one is not for you.

As a consumer, the most important thing you should check is that if the US health organization approves the product or not? If you find out that the US health organization does not approve them, then don’t use them to have severe results.

The last thing is for everyone who plans to use any supplement or medicine that doesn’t use this without consulting your doctor. Because every person has a different body, and if one supplement is suitable for me, it doesn’t need to work for you. Whenever you start using supplements, consult your doctor, especially if you are a pregnant woman then, using this supplement without consulting your doctor can have terrible results.


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Natural Solutions

If you are dealing with joint pains, then supplements can be a good option, but some natural solutions can prevent or reduce the joint pains. You don’t have to work a lot, but changing your daily routines or adding some things into your routine can prevent joint pain.


You might be thinking that we are talking about joint pains. You are talking about exercises, but believe me, the exercise is directly related to the joint’s health because when you keep exercising, the joints become strong, preventing joint pain.

But don’t go for the high-impact exercises; but you can do the low-intensity exercises like swimming, yoga, and cycling that will give your joints flexibility.


One of the biggest reasons for joint pain is that you are overweight because the experts state that when your weight is above the average weight, your joints can’t handle it, resulting in joint fatigue and inflaming.

So, some doctors advise that if you lose some pounds of weight then you can prevent joint pain and improve your body’s overall health.

What are the five worst foods to eat if you have arthritis?

If you are facing the disease of joint pain, you have to change your diet and eliminate some items from your daily diet.

  • The first thing you have to exclude from your daily diet is fat; you have to delete the word fat from your daily diet.
  • The second thing is to eliminate all the foods that gluten to prevent joint pain.
  • The third thing you have to avoid is white sugar because it is also unsuitable for treating joint pain.
  • The fourth thing is fried foods; if you want to make your joints healthy, stop using fried food.
  • The fifth and last thing you should stop using is deserts because that causes weight gain, which is also a significant cause of joint pains.


What is the most effective joint supplement?
In our view, the best supplement that you can use for joint pain is Boswellia Serrata because it is a plant-based supplement, and some researches show that using the Boswellia Serrata will strengthen your joint bones. There is much evidence that the ancient ayurvedic gurus use this to prevent inflammation or as a pain killer.
Do any joint supplements work?
Yes, all the supplements we have mentioned in our list work great to treat and prevent joint pain. We have gone through many clinical types of research, talked to many experts, and go through many case studies, and then we decided to compile the list of the top 9 best supplements that will work for joint pain and inflammation.
What can I use to lubricate my joints?
If your joints are not lubricated, then it is the most significant cause of joint pain, and that also affects the functionality and mobility of joints. In case you want to lubricate your joints, you can use supplements enriched in fatty acids. The fish oil supplements are the best way to lubricate your joint bones.
Should athletes take glucosamine?
Yes, glucosamine is essential for athletes because it is beneficial to remove the damages during the hard training sessions. The glucosamine also helps to healthier athlete’s bones and prevent joint pains, which is very common among athletes. It is advised that the runners, footballers, and rugby players should add this supplement to their daily diet because they have more joint issues than any other sports athletes.

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