[Top 10] Best Muay Thai Gloves for Training in 2021 – Reviewed

Martial arts is a tough game and this ancient sport has a lot of discipline. The training is a very tough and the most important part of martial arts. If you want to train well you must have the proper uniform that makes your training easy as well as improved.

It is the game of the hands and fist. You need to keep your hands and fist safe while training and also make sure no damage is done to your opponent in that regard so usage of great Thai gloves is as necessary as having a good instructor. In the market a lot of Thai gloves are available. Some are of good quality and provides your hands and fist the required protection but some are not that’s going to be harmful to you and your opponent as well.

So choosing the right MUAY Thai gloves is a very critical thing as it can make or break your training sessions. Here we are going to give you all the info you need to make a decision on which muay Thai gloves you must buy

1.  Fairtex BGV1Muay Thai style sparring Gloves

Fairtex BGV1Muay Thai style sparring GlovesTo start the review for muay Thai gloves this brand Fairtex is one of the most reputed and widely renowned brands in the business. Their muay Thai gloves quality is refined and top class. The BGVi model is all-purpose training gloves and is asked by name from the muay Thai fighters

Build and padding

These gloves have impeccable quality and are made up of premium leather. They are very tough muay Thai gloves that last very rough training sessions. They have a great pad and bag work inside them that makes them great for such training.

These gloves are really compact and not bulky at all yet they come with great padding that provides top-notch protection against impact. It has a great tight fit design that stays stable around the wrist using the wrap-around hook and looks Velcro wristband. These gloves are so well constructed that they provide you an ease to go through your training without getting harmed

They come in a great many colors and style options that one can choose from. You can choose one that compliments your style and aesthetics. It’s your personal choice that you want to use these Fairtex BGV1 gloves for sparring or just bag work. They work great for both options and provide your hand complete protection as well as support.

It is highly recommended that you wear the wrist wrap for the forest fit and better performance.

  • These muay Thai gloves are well made design
  • They have a compact fit
  • These Muay Thai gloves are not bulky
  • They provide long-lasting leather for durability
  • These muay Thai gloves include wrist wrap (velcro)
  • These Fairtex muay Thai gloves
  • Fairtex BGV1 gloves maybe feel expensive to some user
  • There ink may run
  • Fairtex BGV1 gloves may cause some strain on knuckles despite of thick padding on gloves


2.  Sanbul essential gel training gloves

Sanbul essential gel training glovesWhen you are at the start of your training and just lurking around for gloves that are cost-effective as well as great at working Sanbul can be the one for you. They have great user reviews as well as a good quality reputation.

Build and padding

Sanbul is a great manufacturer of MMA-related training gears and equipment from BJJ to Muay that and So on.  These Sanbulessential boxing gloves are the Sanbul’sbestsellinggloves as they are very much affordable. They protect your wrist and hand with proper gel inners

In the manufacturing of these Sanbul essential gloves, they have used synthetic leather as can be obvious from the price range. They are not the most durable but still from such a low price point they hold up reasonably well. They offer better breathability than most other gloves with the use of mesh inner. The use of gel Is very unique and is great at shock absorption as compared to traditional foam inners.

If you want to start the training seriously they should use them for start but one need to get better ones as you go to professional level. Good range of colours is available to choose from

  • Sanbul essential provide perfect fit
  • Wrist and hand protection
  • Impact absorbing
  • Professionally recommended
  • Great affordability
  • Need upgraded gloves for professional use
  • Average quality


3.  Elite sport Training Gloves

Elite sportTraining GlovesElite sport is a very reputable name in making a wide range of equipment and gear for training. They make really affordable gloves for training in martial arts. The affordability factor makes them very likable in purchasing with their other benefits

Build and padding

The elite sport uses the mesh material that helps in palm ventilation along with antimicrobial lining that helps reduce odour build-up and keeps it disinfected for a longer period of time. They also have a stretchable wrist wrap that helps secure the wrist. They are extremely lightweight in design

Elite sport Training gloves are great for people with medium to large hands as they have nice compartments and they are very easy to use as they can be put on or taken off even with hand wraps on. The noticeable thing is their heavy top as similar to boxing gloves but the padding is primarily over knuckles that makes them attractive for heavy hand fighters.

As they lack good amount of padding at the back of the hand this makes them not appropriate for sparring Thai gloves. With such reasonable price their quality makes them long lasting and durable. For starters they are the best ones and cheap as well but as you go to more rough and tough training you must get all round gloves that are definitely on our list

  • Cost effective
  • Mesh palm ventilation
  • Anti microbial lining
  • Light weight
  • Minimizes sprain and injuries
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Performance enhancing gloves
  • Average lasting gloves
  • Upgrade for professional rough and tough training


4.  YOKKAO matrix breathable muay Thai boxing gloves

YOKKAO matrix breathable muay Thai boxing glovesFor the gloves that are made up of pure leathers, these YOKKAO matrix Breathable Muay Thai gloves are very cost-efficient gloves. They are made by Bangkok-based company YOKKAO.

Build and padding

The most important thing about these gloves is their fitting. They fit the user so well that they become the part of the hand and the other great thing is that they allow the user to make a fist without feeling too stiff.

These YOKKAO matrix are great gloves that last you a very long time. They are most comfortable for the fighter. They are great at providing highest skill level to the fighters. The shock absorption is one of the great feature of these gloves. It can be felt from knuckles going to back of the hand with great wrist support

Once you get used to these gloves they are great at performing. They provide alot of colours options. You can choose from wide range of colours and sizes.

  • Comfortable fit
  • Durable leather
  • Great all round padding
  • Breathable material
  • Wide range of colours and sizes to choose from
  • Despite of some sizing issues this product is great


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5.  Venum challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves

Venum challenger 2.0 Boxing GlovesVenum is a great company that is getting very popular in manufacturing Muay Thai gloves. They are slowly becoming the fighter’s first choice. They are amongst the top-rated glove manufacturers and Venum challenger

Build and padding

This pair of gloves is really great in quality. Venum challenger has the perfect padding for sparring. You don’t have to worry about injuries. Its Velcro strap ensures its tight fitting for hand of any size and it provides comfortable clinching

Their triple dense foam provides full protection to your palm and hand and has sides with great padding as well that will surely keep your training partner safe as well other wise people won’t want to train with you as your gloves would be harmful to their hands amd fists. The great thing about them is that they are hand stitched in Thailand and made out of synthetic leather that makes them both cost effective as well as less durable.

Another best feature us the dermal regulating mesh that helps to improve the breathability and comfort. Venum challenger is available in wide range of colour and you will surely find the one your liking

  • If you are short at budget then these are your best choice giving the low budget and high performance
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Velcro strap to keep them secure
  • Synthetic leather makes them less durable
  • Will NOT be chosen by serious muay fighters who prefer pure muay Thai brands


6.  Windy muay Thai training gloves

Windy muay Thai training glovesThese are the excellent gloves from windy company who makes great quality of equipment and gear for sports of muay thigh. They are great gloves if you want to perfect your sparring techniques. They are built from pure leather and has all round padding available

Build and padding

Windy has provided training gloves that have the flexibility and sturdiness to last longer and provide great performance. Its multi layered padding ensures that your wrist and hands are safe from any kind of injuries caused by impacts.

With the great snug fit you will feel comfortable throwing those heavy strong punches knowing that your hands and fist will be secured from shock. They have hook and loop system for closure and opening easily. This will be more practical than those lace up closure that need a partner to put on and off

They get broken inn very quickly so it prevents from any uncomfortable feeling from pain that could be causes by stiffness that user feel from initial use of gloves. Considering the quality, durability and performance of the gloves we can say that price is justified as they are on higher side of cost than usual gloves.

  • Great snug fit
  • Durable and high quality
  • Professional training gloves
  • Stylish
  • Not ventilated properly
  • The Velcro strap may not hold down for long during sparing


7.  TITLE boxing pro-style leather training gloves

TITLE boxing pro-style leather training glovesTITLE is a great and affordable brand for manufacturing muay Thai boxing gloves. With such an affordable price, they haven’t compromised on the quality as one expects from cheap products.

Build and padding

If you talk about TITLE boxing gloves they are made of full-grain leather so durability and strength is TITLE’s main priority plus the multi-layered padding makes them completely protected for fists and hands at the back and front.

The full wrap-around wrist strap is an important part of glove manufacturing as it protects the punch from any negative movement or shift. The strap uses a hook and loop system to be tied and is made out of twin-ply leather. The inner lining is of satin nylon that ensures that your hands stay cool and dry as it prevents the build-up of sweat and moisturiser.

You get a lot of colour and size option to choose from. The range goes from 12oz to 16oz.

  • The strap is full wide Velcro built
  • Cost-effective
  • Full leather construction
  • Breathable
  • Not very pretty pair of gloves
  • Stitching quality issues


8.  Hayabusa T3 boxing gloves

Hayabusa T3 boxing glovesIf you want to be in the professional zone for martial arts and become a professional fighter with all the specialized training and you have ample amount to spend and you want the best of the best muay Thai gloves than these Hayabusa T3 can be your favorite ones.

Build and padding

Hayabusa is one of the most extensive researchers brand in the business. They have a reputation that they will find ways and methods to upgrade their gloves every time they make them. So T3 Is a flagship brand gloves from hayabusa. They have not only improved the looks but also the quality and comparability with best performance is also their goal

They have introduced an additional wrist wrap option that’s going to give the gloves additional security to the wrist. They are like lace ups with out inconvenience. Wipe away sweat thumb is made for moisture absorbing. It’s fabric that keep everything damp free and dry. Anti microbial lining keeps your gloves inners from infection.

  • Extra strap for wrist security
  • Wipe away sweat thumb for moisture control
  • Great quality
  • Excellent performance
  • Not easily break and takes time to get comfortable with hands
  • Not pure muay Thai gloves


9.  Top king gloves for training

Top king gloves for trainingIf you have medium to small hands king gloves are for you. They offer a great snug fit that is going to fix your hands in great. They look really cool and the manufacturing is great. They are durable and sturdy. They are made up of all the right materials

Build and padding

They give great foaming protection inside the hand and keep the fighter hands safe from harmful impacts. They can deal with full power bang on easily.

They are great gloves for the starters as fighters are in process of strengthening their limbs and at the same time need something that keeps them protected from injuries or problems that happen from wrong techniques.

It has thick padding that is going to help of you are hitting the heavy bags and even if your throw and punch is not 100% accurate it absorbs the impact and keep your knuckles and wrist safe from breakage. With multiple size and design option you can find the pair of your choice pretty easily.

  • Made of high quality leather
  • Stylish design
  • Compact fit
  • Great wrist protection and support
  • Colour may peel off
  • Take break inn time


10.  Twins special boxing gloves

Twins special boxing glovesTwins is a great popular name in Thailand for pure muay gloves and are the top choice for a lot of professional fighters.

Build and padding

For students who are beginning to learn these gloves play an important role as the padding is very evenly distributed. It emphasizes the areas that are injury-prone like knuckles and the back of the hand. The manufacturer’s goal was to make the gloves extremely comfortable on the inside and durable on the outside.

It has enough wrist support that you can punch in full power on bag or train with your partner and perfect the technique, you won’t need to worry at all. These gloves are really spacious inside so it fits great on large hands. That said these gloves are available in multiple sizes so you can find your perfect fit

  • Attached thumb design for safety
  • Durable material
  • Adequate wrist padding for blocking kicks
  • Not bulky
  • The hand portion of the glove is big that isn’t ideal for people with smaller hands
  • The Velcro strap gets loose after some usage


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How to choose Muay Thai Gloves

Most people ask that why you don’t buy simple boxing gloves? The answer is pretty simple that boxing gloves are harder and non-breathing as compare to muay Thai gloves. Muay Thai gloves allow you to better grip and different techniques of the sport so, that’s why they are more preferable as compare to the boxing gloves.

As most of the fighters think that there is not much difference in boxing gloves and muay Thai gloves but the fact is that muay Thai gloves will help you in protecting yourself and also allows you to learn all the tricks of the game which allows you to train with proper technique.

You must keep in mind some important factors while buying a pair of muay Thai gloves because the correct size of gloves will helps you in training properly.


Selecting the correct size of gloves are the most importent.

rtant part as they give you the perfect grip and protection to train properly. Muay Thai gloves mostly weight between 8 to 18 oz which depends on the bodyweight of the trainer.

The bodyweight means you have the hand size and shape as per gloves. Men mostly use 14 to 16oz. And girls as they have smaller hands and low bodyweight they use in between 12 to 14 oz.

One important thing to keep in mind that more heavy gloves means more padding which provides safety to the trainer so, if you are a beginner then heavy gloves are much better for you as they give you more protection during training but make sure that font buy too much heavy gloves that disturb your movements.


Muay Thai gloves are best in leather quality. Leather gives these gloves durability and good quality but the problem is that leather is available in many varieties so you need to be very careful while buying the correct leather quality for long lasting durability.

Pure leather is soft and helps you in heavy training sessions but microfiber leather is also very good and a great option to have in gloves quality. The pure leather is bit expensive then the microfiber one so you need the select the right option as per your need and budget.

Strapping System

In muay Thai gloves you can decide in between two options which are Lace-up models and Velcro straps.

Most of the fighters prefer lace-up models because they stay tight once connected properly and a very less margin of losing during the practice or game but the bad part is that you always need a person beside you to wear it or take it off after practice or a fight.

As compare to them the Velcro stares are easy to hook and take off without any help or support which makes them pretty handy and if you buy a good quality pair of gloves with high-quality Velcro straps then they are best for your training.

Ventilation System

The most important factor to check is the inner lining and build of gloves because if the inner portion is not properly ventilated then your hands will get warm much faster and eventually they will start sweating which is not helpful in training.

Sweating hands under the gloves will not only slip off and cause injuries and also they will create odor and bacteria so if you want to avoid all these situations while training so you better need to check your gloves’ breathability before buying them.

Price Range

A wrong idea about the muay Thai gloves that they are leather made and too expensive for buying but that’s not true , most of the products are very amazing and under budget.

Most of the high quality muay thai gloves cost $100 or more then that but if your budget is not this much then you can have good quality gloves in 50 to $100 dollar range which will be pretty good in quality and also budget friendly.


You have chosen to train for fighting and now you are in question of choosing the gloves that are best for your training and perfection of your technique. We have given you top 10 gloves described inside out. It’s up to you now to decide which one suits you the best

If it’s about staying in budget and choosing one for your self we have given you multiple cost efficient options. Like YOKKAO. But if you want excellent quality with reasonably priced one the fairtex muay Thai gloves are the best ones in market.

You should choose one and try wearing them before you buy them as they must fit your hand well and help you train accordingly

Happy punching


What is the difference between muay Thai gloves and boxing gloves?
If you compare muay Thai gloves with any other gloves then you must know that they are not just for throwing a punch. The first things they give is an extra protection and padding to your hands to avoid injury and also flexible enough to allow proper hand movements. Secondly, there is checking kicks and neck tackling. Boxing gloves are only made for boxing which is hard to allow you many tackling movements.
How do I keep my gloves safe and clean?
First and most important thing to keep your gloves safe and long-lasting is to keep them clean and dry. You must clean them with antibacterial wipes and rest them in the air to dry properly or you can also use a paper towel for cleaning. A special cleaning trick is that not only clean those from outside you must clean them from inside to avoid damage and odor problems.
What are the benefits of leather gloves?
The leather material is more durable and also have proper air passing which allows you to have gloves for a longer period of time and keep it the gloves dry from inside for better breathing. Leather gloves are touch high in cost but if you can afford them then they are the best choice for you to have them for practice and match time.


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