How to Setup the Toe Hold in BJJ?

The toe hold is a very deadly technique that can result in the dislocation of your ankle or there is sometimes the connection between your ankle and the foot is ripped this is how dangerous this technique is for the opponents. If you know the BJJ then you should know that the Toe hold is not allowed in every level of BJJ you can only apply it on the brown or black levels.

But still, it is the most useful tool for the fights of the BJJ and there are many variations of this technique that you can apply to your opponent. We will talk more about the toe hold in this article.

Basic Step 

Basic Step 

If you are going to learn the toe hold then this is the first step that you should start with the knee cut pass position

  • The first step is to start the knee cut guard pass but you don’t need to under hook on the upper body of the opponent.
  • Now you should lean and then try to sit on your partner’s hip and your face would be towards his legs
  • When you will do this your opponent will try to cuddle his both legs and when he will be doing this you need to apply the toe hold on the right leg of your opponent.

Next Step

Now when you are inside the cuddle of your opponent’s legs then the ideal position would be that you get out of that cuddle but if you could not then make sure that your position would be perfect for applying the toe hold. Because it is the reason you are tangled in this cuddle.

Now when you are in the cuddle make sure that his knees are bend and you can easily reach the toes of the opponent and when you reach toes grab them and try to put pressure on the ligaments of the ankle and make sure you are going slowly.

Last step

This is a very deadly technique and makes sure to apply it when you are fighting against the black or brown division fighter because it is not allowed in the other division. Now when you have started pushing the pressure on the ankle then there are many variations you can try but this would rip the connection between the ankle and your foot.

Last step

Sometimes your opponent is a very good player and he was trying to escape and he escapes from your hold then you can try these steps again and this time you should go for the other leg of your opponent.

Do it carefully

It is just one thing that we told you but there are many other variations of this toe hold that you can apply against your opponent but when you are learning it learn it carefully because a single mistake can make it happen to you so, pay attention to every little detail of this technique so, you can learn better. This is a very effective technique that would help you in your career a lot.


The toe hold is a very effective technique that can be used in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and it is a very powerful technique to win against your opponent and it will rip his ankle and foot connection so, this is something which is not very easy but very effective.

There are many other variations of this toe hold and different methods to apply it so, you can learn it quickly but make sure that you give it your full time because if you miss one thing then that can result in your own ankle ripped off from your foot so, learn it carefully. In the IBJJF tournaments, it is only allowed in the competition of brown belts and above.


Are toe holds legal in BJJ?
If we talk about the IBJJF which is the min governing body of the BJJ then in their tournaments it is only allowed in brown and above that levels but there are some tournaments in which it is fully allowed like the ADCC but if we talk about the five grappling tournaments than it is allowed from the purple belt.
Are toe holds allowed in MMA?
Yes, the toe holds are allowed in the MMA but the thing is that you might see it very rare because it is not very commonly used by the fighters, and some who have learned it might use it as a finishing technique in the MMA fight but it is fully allowed in the MMA and the ones who know it apply it in the ring.
Why are heel hooks illegal in BJJ?
The heel hooks are illegal in the BJJ by the most famous authority in the BJJ which is called IBJJF and the reason because of which it is illegal is because when you are wearing gi heel hook can be very easily applied and the person does not have the chance to escape from it.
Can you bend toes in UFC?
No, in the UFC the fighter cannot bend the toes of one and another because it is illegal and if any of the fighters bend the toe then he can be disqualified and we have many examples in front of us. So, in the rules of the UFC, you cannot bend the toes of your opponent.


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