Uchi Komi Bands – Type Of Uchi Komi Bands

Uchi-Komi Bands are designed to allow you to practice your techniques at home, on the go and without any partner. They are purpose built with resistance so can be used for Judo techniques or for general strength and fitness. They have spare sections to add additional bands to increase the resistance for stronger or more experienced players.

The Uchikomi Bands were designed by Neil Adams as a means of improving the technical ability of any Judoka. They are also suitable for Sambo and BJJ players.

For what bands are used?

The bands are purpose-built resistance bands which if used in conjunction with the exercises shown by Neil Adams will improve your ability to throw more opponents for Ippon and to also greatly improve your grip strength and your fitness.

Uchi – Komi:

Uchi – komi is one of the preserved throwing techniques, Habukareta Waza, of Judo. It belonged to the fifth group, Gokyo, of the 1895 Gokyo no Waza lists. It is categorized as a side sacrifice technique, Yoko-sutemi.

Type Of Uchi – Komi Bands:

Uchi – Komi bands are the best tool to improve your judo throws. Both highly advanced and beginners will benefit from this type of training.

These are an invaluable device to improve full turning skills for judo throws. Both Highly Advanced adults and small novice beginners will benefit from this form of Uchi Komi exercise.

These bands come in 3 unique strengths and sizes and are available in 3 resistance levels,

  • Junior for young Juniors,
  • Champion for youth and adults,
  • Pro for experienced or larger players.

1. Junior Uchi – komi Bands:

These bands are for the younger player. The resistance level for the junior’s band is 6mm.

2. Champion Uchi – Komi Bands:

These are our medium strength bands and are great for developing speed and fitness alongside you Kuzushi. The resistance level for experienced or large players is 8mm.

3. Pro Uchi – Komi Bands:

These are the heavyweight bands and are for the stronger Judoka. However, I recommend these to use for the forward techniques as these bands are designed to support your weight when practicing techniques such as Ouchi Gari and Osoto Gari.

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Neil Adams Uchi – Komi Band:

The Neil Adams Uchi – Komi Bands feature a unique gip system, made from blue double weave judo cloth material.

Each grip features a double position collar grip and sleeve grip; this allows you to practice various sleeve collar grips both left and right-handed, double lapel or even double sleeve grip.
Follow Neil Adams as he takes you through your paces, with clear and precise instruction as only Neil can.

This invaluable addition to your Judo armory comes in its own smart blue and black bag, is lightweight and is easy to use in the dojo, gym or even your own home, the opportunity to practice and improve your throwing skills with Neil Adams whenever you want is nowhere!

Where to buy Uchi – Komi bands?

There are tons of companies who create Ochi – Komi bands, and all of them will get the job done! You can order online or pick them up at Dick’s Sporting GoodsWalmart or Target. Ochi – Komi bands are also sold on Amazon.

  • Increase pulling power and speed for throws.
  • Helps to strengthen the Martial artist’s hands.
  • This elastic band is excellent for performing countless exercises.
  • These Uchi komi bands will take your technique to the next level.
  • Heavy in weight.

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Resistance Bands:

There are endless excuses for not exercising: time, space, and money is the most common barriers people point to. But you don’t need access to a gym facility, expensive equipment, or a lot of time or space to get in an effective full-body workout.

One of my favorite low-cost products to utilize for in-house glute, leg, and arm workouts is resistance bands.

Resistance bands are a great workout tool not only because they are super affordable, transportable and versatile, but because they can help target larger muscles as well as smaller stabilizing muscles.

Plus, research shows that engaging in elastic band resistance training improves balance, gait function, and flexibility and may induce greater neuromuscular fatigue than exercises with isometric contractions.


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To Sum Up:

If you are using bands, make sure that they are not too strong or they will pull you off – balance. If they are too short or too strong, they pull you off-balance and pull you out of shape.

They are cheap, but they’re wrong.

Whatever bands you are using need to be of the right length, they need to be of the right resistance so that they’re not pulling you back and off-balance; back past your own balance point.

That is why I recommend our Uchikomi Bands because they were designed for Uchikomi.


What Uchi – komi is used for?
Uchi-komi can be used for every standing technique. It can be used both for developing/correcting certain features in the movement (e.g. hip turn in tsugi-ashi when engaging for ko-uchi-gari, directions of pulling, height-level of the hip, etc.), as well as sheer muscle memory for moving patterns. Elastic bands add pulling resistance and aspects of balance to tandoku-renshu, closing the gap to proper uchi-komi with a partner a bit.
Can you train without a partner at home?
Yes, you can also train at home without any partner. That is among one of the many reasons Uchikomi bands are developed. You can use them to train at home, to improve your Judo fitness out of the dojo and of course to improve your Kuzushi.

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