[Top 9] Best Women BJJ Gis – [2021 Reviewed + Guide]

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is generally considered a male-dominant sport. But slowly, many women have also started taking interest in the game and can be seen training and participating in tournaments and competitions.

But to be able to play the game comfortably and without worrying about anything, it is important for women to find the right gis. The perfect gi is comfortable so that the wearer does not feel restricted and can easily move around. The material is also stiff yet breathable so that it can hold its place but at the same time, the wearer can be at ease that the gi will not slip or move out of place.

And since the structure of a woman’s body is significantly different from that of a man’s, women have to buy a gi that is specially designed for females so they can feel fierce, confident, and comfortable.

If you too are looking for a women’s BJJ Gi and are confused about which one to buy or where to find one, worry no more. We will come to help as this article is all about the best women’s BJJ Gis in 2021.

Best Women BJJ Gis

1.  Fuji BJJ Uniform Gi All Around Sporting Goods:

Fuji BJJ Uniform Gi All Around Sporting GoodsComfortable To Wear:

This woman’s gi is made out of quality material. The material is strong and durable so that it can withstand wear and tear. But at the same time, the material is also smooth and breathable so the wearer feels comfortable and at ease when wearing this gi. The gi does not restrict the movement of the wearer and allows them to participate in the sports wholeheartedly and in a comfortable manner.


Other than the material, the fit of the gi is also worth mentioning. It sits on the body perfectly and does not restrict or make the wearer feel congested. The size chart provided for the gi is accurate so you can easily compare the measurements and order a size that is best according to the measurements of your body.


The design of this women’s gi is also worth mentioning. The seams are sewn inside so they are not visible from afar. Moreover, the gi is available in a total of four different color variations. You can pick any color based on your preferences and play Brazilian jiu-jitsu in style.

  • Breathable and comfortable material
  • Fits perfectly and does not restrict the movement of the wearer
  • Comes in four different color variations
  • The shoulders are a bit loose and too baggy.


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2.  Tatami Ladies Zero G V3 BJJ Gi:

Tatami Ladies Zero G V3 BJJ GiLightweight and Breathable:

If you are looking for a gi that is breathable and lightweight, the Tatami Ladies Zero G Gi will not let you down. Since this gi is made out of heavy cotton, therefore, it allows air to pass through the material and keeps the wearer cool. The cotton is also heavy-duty and reliable so that it does not tear away easily. This is perfect since the gi will not tear easily and you will be able to use it for years to come.

Rubberized Collar:

This gi features a rubberized collar. It is a feature that is worth mentioning since it can easily absorb sweat and moisture. You will not see sweat patches appear on your gi. Other than rubberization, the collar is also reinforced by a ripstop material so that the collar can further be strengthened.


The gi is available in a wide range of sizes. The size chart provided is quite accurate so you can simply take measurements and then use the size chart provided to pick a size that will be the perfect choice for you. The seams fit perfectly in place and the gi does not feel too baggy or too loose allowing the women wearing to focus on playing rather than having to keep adjusting the gi.

  • Reinforced material ensures durability
  • Rubberized collar for reinforcement and added strength
  • Lightweight yet comfortable to wear.
  • The gi tends to shrunken after being washed.


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3.  Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Gi Ultra Light Women’s Aero Weave:

Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Gi Ultra Light Women’s Aero WeaveExtra Light:

Jiu-Jitsu is a sport that requires a lot of movement. Therefore, it is important that the wearer feels at ease and the gi does not weigh down the wearer. If you compare this gi with other gis in the market, you will find that this one weighs 40% less. The lightweight dress of the gi allows the player to focus on the game with ease and does not tire the body of the wearer.

Reinforced Construction:

Other than being lightweight, the gi is also quite strong and durable. The reinforced stitching of the gi makes sure that it remains strong and sturdy. This gi will not tear easily. The aero wave design and construction of the gi also enhance its durability. The company and manufacturer have so much faith in the strength of the gi that the customers can claim a guarantee if the gi rips while in use.

Aesthetic Design:

The design of the gi is also worth mentioning. The gi comes in three distinct colors. You can pick either white, blue or black colors. The small linings on the gi also add to the aesthetics and overall look of the gi. It does not come in the regular plain design and is rather quite attractive and stylish. Who said that jiu-jitsu gi has to be plain and boring? When you buy this gi, you can play in style.

  • Comes in three attractive colors
  • 40% lighter than other gis
  • The gi will not rip, no matter what
  • The size chart of the gi is a bit misleading


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4.  Sanabul Women’s Essential Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi:

Sanabul Women’s Essential Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu GiSpecially Designed For Women:

The Sanabul Women’s Essential Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi is not a unisex gi. Rather this is a specially designed gi that has been designed while keeping the female body in mind. The structure of the gi supports the female body and therefore, women always feel comfortable and at ease when wearing this gi. The material feels soft and smooth so the women do not experience any type of discomfort.

Does Not Shrink:

Since this gi is made out of durable and sturdy material, therefore, it retains its shape and structure no matter what. You can wash this gi as much as you want and it will never shrink. This feature means that the gi will stay true to size even after it has been washed. Simply wash the gi with some cold water and leave it to dry in the shade. You can tally your measurements according to the provided size chart and order the right size without having to worry about shrinking.

Comfortable Fit:

The overall wear of this gi is quite comfortable. The material is breathable and lightweight. Therefore, it will not tire the wearer and women will be able to wear it and train in it for hours without experiencing any sort of discomfort. The single weave kimono structure holds the gi in place so the wearer does not even have to keep adjusting the gi while playing or training.

  • The gi will not shrink even after being washed
  • Lightweight and breathable fabric is perfect for training in the summer
  • Specially designed for women
  • The belt is not included in the package


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5.  Venum Women’s Challenger 2.0 BJJ Gi:

Venum Women’s Challenger 2.0 BJJ GiCotton Material:

This BJJ Women’s Gi is made out of cotton. Cotton is an excellent choice for the material of a women’s gi because it is lightweight, breathable yet strong. The cotton is tough so that the gi retains its shape but at the same time, the cotton is also not too rigid that it feels tight or restricts the movement of the wearer.

Embroidered Design:

This gi, in particular, is not like the other boring gis in the market. This gi comes with an embroidered design that gives it a feminine and delicate touch. The edges of the kimono are patterned by a thread-like design and so are the sleeves. The black, white, or blue-colored gi and the combination of the pink thread work look great. You will surely make some heads turn the next time you wear this gi to your training or practice session.

Secure Fit:

The fit of both the trouser, as well as the kimono is just perfect. The elastic waistband of the gi does not feel too tight around the waist. It is also adjustable so you can tighten it or loosen it as needed. The inside of the kimono is lined by a polyester inner so that the gi feels comfortable and smooth against the body of the wearer. And the gi comes with a stylish canvas bag that can be used to store the gi when not in use and you can also use it to carry your kit around as needed.

  • Quick-drying and durable cotton pants
  • Polyester inner feels soft and smooth against the skin
  • The pants and the kimono fit perfectly and can be adjusted as desired.
  • The gi belt is not included in the package and has to be purchased separately.


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6.  Elite Sports Ultra-Light Women’s BJJ Gi:

Elite Sports Ultra-Light Women’s BJJ GiDesigned For Women:

This is not a unisex gi. It is a gi that is specially designed for women. Therefore, the structure and design have been developed while keeping the structure of the female body in mind. You will not have to compromise on the fit, size, or style of this gi since it is specially designed for women. This is also why the gi size chart is also quite accurate and you will not mess up and end up ordering a gi that is too small or too big.

Stitching Quality:

The stitching quality of the gi is also worth mentioning. The stitching is seamless so the stitches do not show up on the gi. Moreover, the stitches hold the different pieces of the gi fabric in place tightly so that the gi does not tear or get damaged easily. You will not have to worry about the gi ripping when training or playing as the stitching is quite reliable and durable.

Belt Included:

This gi will come with everything that you need. The belt, trouser as well as the kimono, everything is included in the package. Therefore, you will not have to purchase anything separately. A gi is therefore an affordable option as all the components are included in the package and you do not have to go ahead and purchase anything separately. And since the belt is part of the package, it also matches the gi perfectly and does not appear odd.

  • The belt is included in the package
  • Breathable and lightweight gi
  • Stitching holds the gi in place and prevents ripping and tearing
  • The sizing of the pants is not accurate


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7.  Jayefo Sports Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi for Men & Women

Jayefo Sports Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi for Men & WomenUnisex Suit

Jaye is well-known for its Jiu-Jitsu suits because they always ensure top-notch quality with perfect sizing. The best thing about this suit is that it can be worn by both men and women. The stitching is not focused on a single-gender that makes this suit a versatile option for anyone who is just starting out with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Free BJJ Belt

The suit comes packed with a white rank BJJ belt that’s absolutely free. This belt comes with a rank bar that we do not see in other normal suits. It saves both your time and money as you do not have to separately buy a white belt for training purposes.

Fix Patches

Many Jiu-Jitsu academies provide you with patches that are to be fixed on your suit. Some suits do not provide much space for these patches due to their material or stitching style but this suit offers you enough space to apply your sponsorship badge or patches. If you want to use patches on our Jayefo logo area then you can easily do that, as IBJJF also allows the to fix patches on that specific area.

  • Both for Men and Women
  • Preshrunk and Lightweight
  • IBJJF Approved
  • The belt size is a bit short


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8.  FLURRY Lightweight BJJ Gi

FLURRY Lightweight BJJ GiPreshrunk Fabric

The FLURRY offers you one of the most lightweight and cool BJJ suits purely made from pre-shrunk fabric. The EVA Foam is used at the collar part to keep your neck comfortable during training. There are round drawstrings on pants to keep them in position without disturbing your ankles or legs.

Cuff Linings

There is a three-row cuff lining on this BJJ suit that facilitates you while you are practicing with someone else. It does not allow your opponent to have a strong grip due to this cuff lining. Furthermore, there is a 3-row ankle cuff lining that makes your leg opening comfortable from all ends. The reinforced stitching on this suit ensures durability of this suit.


The suit is printed in a Japanese style with light embroidery on various parts. This embroidery can be seen on jackets, sleeves, and pants which is pretty decent. One thing buyers must know that this BJJ Gi doesn’t come with any belt. You have to buy it separately.

  • Slight Embroidery
  • Unisex BJJ Gi
  • Slim Cut
  • No belt included


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9.  Elite Sports BJJ GI for Men IBJJF Kimono

Elite Sports BJJ GI for Men IBJJF KimonoQuality Materials

Elite Sports is a well-recognized brand in sports suits. They never compromise on the suit’s quality and that’s why they used CVC 60% cotton and 40% polyester in this BJJ Gi which is specifically made for the bend. This is a great mesh of materials to provide you the utmost comfort. Moreover, the fabric is pre-shrunk so it’s surely going to feel very lightweight on your body.

Various Sizes

Every BJJ trainer needs a perfect size to look good in their suit and Elite Sports have totally focused on the needs of their customers. This BJJ Gi comes in 10 different sizes ranging from small to extra large with numerous variations. Moreover, the pre-shrunk material makes it even more special because it increases durability.

Prevents Bad Smell

Some suits use such a material that possesses smell once you get sweaty. This specific suit disperses the sweat to prevent any bad odor. Such odors can distract you from the training and it can also irritate people around you. Elite Sports recognized this problem and they fixed it by using the most suitable fabric. Make sure you wash BJJ Kimono right after your session to stay fresh every day.

  • No Shrinking
  • Comes in 10 Sizes
  • Free White Belt
  • Sizing chart issues


Buying Guide:

Wherever you go ahead and buy a gi, you should keep certain things in mind.  Keeping these things in mind will help you pick the right product so that you get the best gi with the maximum value for your money:


The material of the gi is an important factor that has to be taken into consideration. You should opt for a gi that is made out of breathable and light fabric. The fabric should also be tough so that it does not rip or tear easily. This way, the gi will last longer and you will not find it damaged or worn out. The material should also be lightweight so that the person does not get tired or weigh down while practicing or playing.


The stitching of the gi is also a very important factor. The stitching should be seamless so that it does not show up or is too prominent. The stitching should also be able to hold the fabric in place so that it does not tear or get damaged easily. The stitching should also sit at the right place so that the structure of the gi can be maintained and does not have to be altered.


Who said that you have to train in a boring and plain gi? You will find gis in a wide range of colors and style variations. You can pick any color that you like. Generally, darker colors should be preferred as they do not get dirty easily and also conceal the sweat spots well. You can also pick embroidered gis so that you can train in style.

Fit And Comfort:

The fit and comfort of the gi are also factors that cannot be ignored when picking a gi. You need to select a gi that fits perfectly and does not feel too tight or too loose. The gi should not restrict the movement of the wearer and rather facilitate training so that the wearer can focus on playing and training and would not have to keep adjusting the gi over and over.

Always go through the sizing chart when picking a gi so that you pick a gi that will sit perfectly and will be perfect as per your size. Take into account the fact that some gis might shrink after the first wash.


Are you a woman who is sick of trying to find a gi that fits perfectly and is specially made and designed for women? If yes, by now, you would have surely found the right product for you. It is an undeniable fact that choosing a gi can be tricky as one has to pick a product that fits perfectly, is durable, lightweight, and sturdy.

The products that we have added to this list are truly dependable and reliable. We have tried them personally so that we can truly recommend products that you will not regret buying or spending money on.


What color BJJ Gi should I get?
Women’s BJJ Gis are available in a wide range of colors. Women are naturally inclined to picking gis that are bright and colorful. There is no standard rule that restricts the women from wearing a gi of a particular color, but it is however recommended that you pick a gi of a darker color. Darker colors do not get dirty easily and moreover, the sweat stains and marks can also be concealed well in darker color gis.
Is gi or no-gi harder?
A no-gi is definitely harder. A gi is specially designed while keeping the demands of jiu-jitsu in mind. Therefore, it will not rip or tear. You will be able to enjoy playing and training to the fullest. Moreover, gis covers the body properly so the females do not have to worry about anything when they are training and they can be extremely confident and comfortable.
How do I choose a BJJ Gi?
The best way to choose a BJJ Gi is to compare a couple of options. You can see different variations and then go over their features and specifications. While doing so, you should keep your requirements and needs in mind. If the characteristics of the gi fit your needs, it is likely that you have landed the right product. Another thing that you should keep in mind is the size of the gi. Make sure that you pick a gi that is neither too tight nor too loose and will stay in shape as well.
Should I wash my gi after every use?
This varies from person to person and also depends on the usage of the gi. If you are someone who trains extensively on a regular basis and you feel that the gi is sweaty, you should surely go ahead and give it a wash. But if the gi is not that dirty or soiled, you can keep using it for a couple of more sessions and then wash it when you feel like it has become too dirty. There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to the frequency of washing a gi.


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